♣Where all those charms at aye??

where are all the charms at?

  • Sunglasses charm: reefs
  • Blue Gift Box charm:prestos grove
  • Smiley Face charm:prestos edge
  • Soccer Ball charm:explorers camp
  • Yellow Butterfly charm:tanglvine jungle
  • Ice Cream charm:icy aerie
  • Surprise Face Charm:
  • Basket Ball
  • Blue Butterfly
  • Sun Charm
  • Yellow Gift Charm
  • Devilish Charm
  • Football
  • Yellow Gift Charm
  • Sandcastle
  • Striped Gift Charm
  • sad face charm:Crystal Catacombs
  • Baseball Charm – ( 10-7 to 10-13) In secret Tree House
  • Brown Butterfly Charm ( Oct 10 to Oct 16)  Located in Wildwood Glen
  • Sailboat Charm  ( Oct 14 to Oct 20 ) Located in the Reef
  • Polka Dot Gift Charm ( Oct 17 to Oct 23 ) Located in Presto’s Edge
  • Happy Face Charm ( Oct 21 to Oct 27 )  Located in Presto’s GROVE
  • Beach Volley Ball ( Oct 24 to Oct 30) Located in Breakwater Beach
  • Purple Butterfly ( Oct 28 to Nov 3) Located in Canal  ROAD
  • Recycle Charm ( Oct 32 to Nov 6) Located in Wildwood Glen
  • Banana Charm (Nov 4 to Nov 10) Located in Explorer’s Camp
  • Holiday Bear (Nov 7 to Nov 13) Located in Rat Wraith’s Lair
  • Bumblebee (Nov 11 to Nov 17) Located in Breakwater Beach
  • Clap Board Sign (Nov 14 to Nov 20) Located in Canal City EAST (Gilbert’s Square East)
  • Earth Charm ( Nov 18 to Nov 24) Located In Tanglevine Jungle
  • watermelon charm:jaguar temple
  • mistletoe charm:tree house in wildwood glen
  • ladybug:prestos edge by the chasm
  • movie reel charm:canal city road
  • dewdrop charm:garden gaze bow
  • rastberry charm:chasm
  • candy cane charm: prestos grove
  • dragonfly charm: canal city
  • movie camera charm: Dizzywood T.V studio..place thing…
  • raindrop charm:raindrop charm:tanglevine jungle
  • mango charm: wildwood glen
  • snowflake charm: Icy Aeiry thingy… *forgot how to spell it o.O*
  • beetle charm:crystal catacombs
  • movie popcorn charm: canal city east/ gilbert square east
  • magnifying glass charm:The Observatory
  • pineapple charm: breakwater’s beach
  • red star charm:mage barrow
  • grasshopper charm: jaguar temple
  • 3D glasses: skytown
  • heart box charm:garden gazebo
  • balloons charm: delta carrot mine
  • egg charm:wildwood glen
  • shoe heel charm:reefs
  • purse charm:groofers runway
  • rainbow charm:chasm
  • eggs stripe charm: prestos grove
  • pink strappy heel: tanglevine jungle
  • pink hand bag:skypoint abservetory
  • double hearts charm:prestos edge
  • lucky clover:wildwood glen
  • pink striped egg charm:Dizzy TV studios
  • zebra striped heel charm: Groonfers Runway
  • green purse: mage barrow
  • Hearts cake charm:skytown
  • Lucky horseshoe:music store
  • Green egg charm:canal city road
  • Green shoe charm:catacombs
  • Purses orange handbag charm:breakwaters beach
  • Hearts balloon charm:prestos grove
  • luck hat charm:catamcombs
  • egg green stripe charm:garden gazebo
  • shoes navy heel charm: icey aeiry
  • blue clutch handbag charm:home emporium
  • puppy charm: skytown
  • donut charm:breakwaters beach
  • kitten charm:skytown
  • puppy bone charm:tanglevine jungle
  • fries charm:explorers camp
  • kitten bowl charm:breakwaters
  • hamburger charm:skytown
  • puppy bowl charm:explorers camp
  • kitty collar: tanglevine jungle
  • hotdog charm:tanglevine jungle
  • puppy collar charm:breakwaters beach
  • goldfish charm:skytown
  • puppy house charm:explorers camp
  • soda charm:breakwaters beach
  • toy kitten (mouse) charm:skytown


  • monkey:skytown
  • bear charm:wildwood glen
  • cat charm:garden gazebo
  • zebra charm:canal city road
  • pig charm:breakwaters beach
  • hippo charm:prestos grove
  • reindeer charm:tanglevine jungle
  • bunny charm:crystal catomcombs
  • horse charm:canal city east
  • dog charm:canal city road
  • bon bon charm:crystal catacombs
  • donut charm:canal city east
  • chocolate mousse charm:explorers camp
  • chocolate soda charm:prestos edge
  • sweet heart charm:garden gazebo
  • lava cake charm: tanglevine jungle
  • cocoa charm:Catamcombs

That’s all the charms for now….



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  1. Yayyy! I like your blog :mrgreen:

  2. Woo!!!!!! You did it!

    lol that smiley you put looks funnyyy. 😛

  3. love the blog 😀

  4. Thank 😀 I got them all now 😛


  6. this is awesome!!!


  8. mmhmm xD

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