Tips,Cheats, and Glitches!!

So i was on dizzywood and all of a sudden i saw this but there was no other lulu named that O.o


The circles give you money 😀

Some of these I got from my friends so thanks you guys 😀

How to walk on air?This only works in skytown or the jaguar temple.

#1:Put down a portal.

#2:Walk in portal while falling.

#3:Go in the house fast.

#4:Get out of  house you can walk on air.

How to steal silver/gold member hair?

#1:Choose the hair.

#2:Save it in look book.

#3:There u have it.

#4:To talk while wearing it click the blue button again.

#5:Exit the thingy then you can talk again.

How to steal clothes?There are 2 wayz for this.

first way!

#1:Go to any closet.

#2:Choose an outfit.

#3:Ask someone to style/color your hair.

#4:Save it.

#5:Log off and on then there you have it .

How to save the outfit from closet into lookbook?

#1:Go to any store.

#2:Click any random top and bottom from store.

#3:Put on 1 of your own outfits on fast.

#4:When your clothes disappear the clothes from the closet will come back then u can save it in lookbook.

Second way!

#1:Go to any store.

#2:Click an outfit u want.

#3:Ask someone to style/color hair or style outfit (u dont have to save it).

#4:Exit the style color thing.

#5:There u have it.

How to change your hair without losing your streaks or style?

#1:Change your hair to anything you want.

#2:The streaks and style will disappear BUT when you log off and on boom the streaks and style is back.

How to go to the reefs without a helmet??! 3 ways to do this.


#1:Put your divers helmet on.

#2:Click the sign leading to the reefs.

#3:When you get to the reefs put a different hat on.


#1:Put your divers helmet on.

#2:Click the sign leading to the reefs.

#3:Before you enter take off your divers helmet without exiting the pop up thing.

#4:Go to the reefs.


#1:Put your divers helmet on.

#2:Click the sign leading to the reefs.

#3:When you get to the reefs drop a portal or go to your house.

#4:Take off the helmet then go back to the reefs.

There you have it no helmet 😀

How to change the passage in your house?It can be anywhere.On the walls or on the floor.

#1:Click home editer in your home list.

#2:Click the passage you wanna change.

#3:Click change passage and choose the person you want it to go to.

How to get fast money?There’s lots of ways.

  • Snow Maze 1, 2, or 3. $300
  • Rock Maze. $150
  • Missions. $100, $150, $130, sometimes $131
  • Going up to skytown. (Random)
  • Combow Drop. $50, $100
  • Mystery weel. $200, $100, $75, $20
  • Walking on stars. (Random)
  • Selling stuff to Quill in Presto’s Edge.
  • Steping on ullabulb flowers, spearmint moss, roots, collect them all and sell them to Pierre in Explorer’s Camp.
  • Magical secret envelopes.

Find a move scroll:It’s Random

Tanglevine jungle, Explorers Camp, Garden Gazebo, Crystal Catamcombs, Breakwater’s Beach

Salamander Snacks:$200

Sorry i clicked it before i could get the picture.

Swipe the Sprite Traps:$300

Magicle secret envelope:

How to walk on air when in a manshion?2 ways



#2:Zap yourself with the zap thingy before you touch the floor.

#3:When you flying go on the stairway then go right or left then your floating.


#1:Get on your skateboard.

#2:Get on the stairway and move to your right or left hard. Then your floating.

Bogus Crystals:$300

Professor Nocturne’s Flash Cards:$250

Save the sea creatures:$300

Stop the pollution! & Dig for Doubloons: $250+$300

First you have to win agents the Frog sprite to get the eco bubbles.

When you finish cleaning gull island, when something pops up and says so and so….. DON’T click ok cause you have to get the doubloons and if you say ok it will take you out of there and you can’t get back in till tomarrow. If the pop up bothers you just log off and on, or just get the doubloons first.

Dig for Longullet: (You’ll need the fishing pole. Don’t have it?? you’ll need ghost ray.)$300

Ghost ray the boat. Then you have to fish to get the fishing pole.

Mine the Crystal Catamcombs: (You’ll need invisibility. Don’t have it? Get it in Tanglevine jungle.) $5 & 1 Crystal

Navigation problems:$300

Play Sticky Force Field: (Gold members only sorry!) $100 or Bee Keeper outfit


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