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Carl utters a ragged bugle and eyes you with dumb menace. You sense that he means you harm.

Maybe you’d better head to another shop before he gets violent (or amorous).




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Hey Gaians! Our sneak peek at Revolution Dawn, the epic MMORPGLOLRFLOA, is just about over– it’s leaving the Cash Shop today. Exploit the game bugs one more time to get exclusive adventure gear:

Lalune (Dark): 1. Ireful Marksman, Jet the Kitten Star. 2. Keen Bandit. 3. Berserk Conjuror, Anesidora’s Woe. 4. Plague Revenant, Captain Ara’s Nestegg.
Solair (Light): 5. Deific Templar, Kottan Bell, Spring Bride, Lava Flow Dress. 6. Pious Cleric. 7. Earnest Minstrel. 8. Resolute Hero

Ten percent of the proceeds from Revolution Dawn go to benefit Child’s Play, an organization that brings the joy of gaming to sick children. Get sweet loot and do some good with Revolution Dawn.


new oW gem codes.. nd sprites

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they both add 10 gems ^^

oW winter sprites


Celebrate the season right with a new winter Sprite. They’ll bring lots of cheer, but aren’t sold all year!


Merry Christmas!!

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YuPp it’s Christmas and there’s joy in the air! What did you get for Christmas? I got an iPod touch && a screen tv xD hmm well I hope everyone has a nice time!



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Dear Gaians,

For years, Xmas has been slipping away from me. First I was mind-swapped with a cow by those dastardly Zurg, and it took me a miserable two years to get my old body back! Then, last year, just when I was all rested up and ready to deliver presents, I was forced to go into hiding due to a terrible, unspeakable threat…

But I’m through hiding! I’m no coward! If shadowy assassins want to rip me to bits– or set my head on fire, like they did to that poor jellyfish demigod– they’ll just have to come and try it. I’ll be right here waiting for them.

I know, I know, it seems like something always comes along and mysteriously incapacitates me right before Xmas. But not this year! I’m utterly confident that I won’t somehow be tragically killed or horribly mutilated right before my favorite holiday.

Tonight I’m going to rip up my life insurance policy in the presence of a licensed notary. I’m going to rewrite my will to stipulate that all my possessions be thrown in a volcano. Do you know why, boys and girls? Because NOTHING could possibly go wrong this year.

I’m telling you, I feel invincible. I’m not scared anymore. No harm can come to me. This year, come hell or high water, I’ll be delivering Xmas gifts again!

Yours most sincerely,
-Santa Claus

P.S. – You know what I missed most during my long absence? Getting wonderful letters from all the good boys and girls of Gaia! Please feel free to send me a private message– I can’t reply to all of them, but I’d be delighted to hear from you!

Read on for an important message from the elves!

Hey, you got a minute? 

We’re as excited about Xmas as Santa is– it’s great to have him back, make no mistake– but he’s been acting a little funny lately.

He’s never been the most safety-conscious guy, but ever since he decided to come out of hiding, he’s been swaggering around like nothing can hurt him. Waltzing around the workshop without a hard hat, taunting the reindeer during rutting season– that kinda stuff. We’d hate to see some terrible accident befall him just when he’s finally ready to deliver presents again.

I was wondering if you could do us a favor. We’ve been busy making toys for all the good kids, so maybe you could come up for a quick visit and keep an eye on Santa’s safety a little bit. We could really use your help.

But you shouldn’t spend all your time keepin’ an eye on that big doofus– there’s plenty more holiday cheer to be had! You should visit the Xmas forum and send a nice card to a friend, or go caroling in the shops!

Evolving Items

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Hi, everyone! Happy Friday, and happy holidays, too– I hope you’ve all been keeping an eye on Santa, since it looks like he’s getting himself into trouble again. But if you’ll take your eyes off him for a moment and direct your attention to the world of Evolving Items, we’ve got a bunch of great stuff going on today: three items evolving, plus a brand-new bundle!

Two dazzling new acts from Sugarsuite! First, the third act brings tea dancers with decorative swords. The fourth act brings more sweetness, including a candy cane cape.

This week in the Antique Shop, you find a mysterious ship in a bottle. It smells like salty air, and its sails almost appear to ripple in a phantom breeze. It brings to mind the old days of seafaring armadas and the discovery of new lands…

Forteanagoria blows the whistle on the vast lizard-person conspiracy that holds our planet in a death grip of reptilian terror. I hate to editorialize, but this lizard person invasion is 100% real, and even now they’re plotting domination from their hidden bases in the planet’s hollow core, so please take this item seriously.

New! Exciting news: we’re releasing Rapid EI Bundle #1 today! This value-packed bundle gives you fully-evolved versions of Mana Seed, Lumiere Noire and Apprentice Charm, plus the exclusive Checkmate Void– a black and white recolor of Checkmate!

You can grab all kinds of awesome items– including the brand new Rapid EI Bundle– in the Gaia Cash Shop! Before you go, be sure to stop by our weekly EI poll and let us know which items you like best. See you next week, everyone!


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To celebrate the introduction of Coliseum and hitting a new online record for zOMG!, there will be NO STARTER POLOS in the Daily Chance for an entire week starting Saturday. We realize that this may cause a run on the starter polo market, and rest assured that if that happens, Rufus is ready to take advantage of it.

What, you haven’t played the Coliseum in zOMG! yet? Now is a great time to try it, and there are lots of people available to help show you the ropes. We expect to hit a record number of players in zOMG! during this coming weekend.

Finally: start recording your Coliseum runs! We will be announcing a contest early next week in the zOMG! forums for the budding filmmakers who make the best videos in the following categories:

– Most Impressive Coliseum run — maximum 5 minutes in length.
– Best Coliseum tutorial — maximum 5 minutes in length.
– Funniest Coliseum event — maximum 1 minute in length.

Videos will be judged both on content and on production values, so get those slide transitions ready!


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A new area has opened up in zOMG!: the long-awaited Coliseum! Face brand new monsters in three gladiatorial challenges to become the ultimate warrior. Can you survive the waves of enemies unleashed by the Coliseum’s masters? Can you dispatch the creatures quickly enough to stay in the ring? Can you best the monsters in a defense scenario? If you think you have what it takes– prove it now in the Coliseum!

December Monthly Collectibles

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Yaaaay! It’s finally the 15th! Time to open my envelopes… I hope I get a kitten!

What do adorable tabby kittens and fearsome heavenly weaponry have in common? They can both be yours with this month’s MCs!

The Seraphic Bow is the ultimate in angelic vengeance. Wield it as a bow and quiver, or wear it as dark triple wings.

BuBu Kitty is always in the mood for a nice nap and a bottle of milk. He loves snuggling in your arms, dozing on your head and passing out on your shoe.

These great items are available this month only, so don’t miss your chance to grab them!

Polar Bear Hat

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The Crystal Boxes that come with all $25 Cash Cards have a new item inside: the Polar Bear Hat. This handsome headpiece can give you a ferocious edge over smaller arctic predators or be the crown jewel in your cute animal look. And unlike regular bears, it won’t eat you if you put your head in its mouth!

To get your Polar Bear Hat in a Crystal Box, check out locations near you where you can get Gaia Cash Cards!

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