Koby’s [koko] TNT Fun Plaza

This page is underconstruction ^-^ but I made this page for koko cause she wanted it teehee ^-^ Come back soon for more pics and videos!



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  1. heheheheh exactaly what my friends DONT like (: heheehe

  2. lol yea sure explosions hurt but it looks cool ^-^


  4. yes yes boom boom 😀

    • you should put that vid when they blow up that whale lol

  5. lol ok

  6. DO IT LOL Kirby finds this page disturbing…. LOL

  7. LOL aww sorry im on the dsi :/

  8. i was just being funny lol and kirby is hiding… i guesss watching me blow up me house and critters… i dont blame him

  9. lol mostly coz the blood 😯

  10. yeah i really dont blame him

  11. same here


    Kirby: surprise surprise…(rolls eyes)

    Koko: I KNOW RIGHT?!

  13. LOLOL awesome!! xD

  14. arn’t u glad kirby is back?! haven’t heard from him in a while!

  15. yes i am and ikr?!?

  16. Hello pplz. This is Kayla A.K.A kaymelon…..Well i just wanted to say bye. Because i quit dizzywood. I’ll be on sometimes 2 visit but most of the time i won’t. I quitted dw bcuz no one im rlly cool wit come on anymore and it’s boring. (well 2 me anywayz) I will mis u guys but oh well.
    Bye all of my dizzywood homiez,bffz,haterz,critters,gold membership,etc. etc.

    P.S dont 4get to steal noodlez from pplz housez..If you dont u shall starve..u dont want that now do u?

  17. KAYMELON AHH :3 heyy!! yea so did i V_V it got boring =S lol and we will but koko, prettystar, puppylover4ever, and kka play gaia online now o.O its fun :3 u get a car, house, profile that u can edit anyway, no limit of friends :3, send pm’s (private messages) or comments on each others profiles, aquarium, u cant get muted ^^, nonmembership xD, etc. u should join us :3

  18. OMG KAAY! OMG (flips out) I just got another maximum ride book from the bookstore and im hyper on cookies and Holy crap its you! So freakin’ cool! okay im done flipping out.
    Lauren a.k.a koko a.k.a koby OUT!

  19. lol i cant believe u said crap xD

  20. i say it super…super…rarely…a.k.a once a year 😛

  21. then y did u say it again on gaia lol!!

  22. umuh that wasn’t me? no kidding! in real life i dont say it but online i rarely say it! i’ll stop if u dont thik it sounds rite so yh

  23. hmm?? O.O lol its ur choice xD and im losing my viewers waaaa lol T-T

  24. Cool. I also have a meez now. same thing but 3d avatars and stuff.
    But do u guys have the same name in Gaia?
    (user on meez is strawberrie_ice2)

  25. i tried to make a meez but i got confused xD koko sort of does and i dont O.O koko’s is Lkoko56L and mine is Xx-Baby_Flaka-xX

  26. HEY! why did u give my idenity away! :ninja:
    xD no its fine lol

  27. 😯 IM INNOCENT!! O.O and ninja only works on gaia xD lol kk

  28. well that sucks……

  29. LOLZ


  31. yea wat is it?!? we tried ur dw username and ur meez username but there waz none xD

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