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  1. ROFL its captain falcon kirby! the cutest sounding kirby of all time lol
    fun fact: did u know kirby was originally going to be yellow?

  2. oo he was gonna be yellow?? coool!! he is cute!!!!!!!

  3. yep, but pink is more original ’cause u dont see anyone pink in video games anymore. other than peacvh but i dont like her soooo

  4. lol i think daisy is better than peach o_o KIRBY DISTROIS ALL 😀

  5. yea daisy is better, she’s more tomboyish and peach doesnt do anything except have her over-weight husband come save her…… ROFL ROFL ROFL


  7. he doesnt burn any fat and he runs around all the time lol

  8. lol ikr

  9. why r we talking about mario and peach? this is kirby’s page! i am a STRICT kirby fan!


    • mario´s the best!!!!!!!!

  11. thats the kirby fandom screaming lol its a good thing i dont own a gun or kirby would’ve shot my house down. KIRBY! NOT THE TNT!


  13. (walks in covered in soot)
    i managed to save the computer! (cough cough) i guess it wasnt wise of me to show him how to work TNT.

    Kirby: POYO!

  14. lol lol lol i like how it sounds when he says that its cute!!

  15. Kirby:POYO POYO POYO!

    yeah yeah poyo poyo poyo lol

  16. lol its so cute!!! lol poyo poyo 😀

  17. rofl yep lets all say poyo in honor of kirby!

    kirby: poyo?


  19. POYO!
    kirby: poyo! poyo! poyo!
    Translation: stop copying me!

  20. lol kirby getting madd o.o

  21. Yeah ya think? lol

    Kirby: POYO! (sucks TNT up and turns into bomb Kirby)

    Koby: ooo i feel so threatened lol

    (kirby throws bomb at Koby)

    Koby: Ow….

  22. :O lol (closes eyes) *thinks* {maybe if i close my eyes, this really isnt happening….}

  23. Kirby calmed down just dont say poyo. k?


    *blinks* JEEZ KIRBY!

    Translation:(says half heartidly) Sorry…..

  24. poor koby o_o wait!! my eyes were soposed to be closed!! nooooooooo it really is happening!! KIRBY GONE MAD!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  25. no just dont say P-o-y-o ok?

    Kirby: POYOOOOOOO! (bombs explode everywhere)
    Translation: i can spell!

  26. ROFL ROFL ROFL koby u should of hid all the TNT from kirby o.o

  27. he’s bomb kirby remember? he can pull bombs from behind his back lol

  28. o yea…. lol

  29. now im wondering where he gets them…. HEY KIRBY CAN YOU?

    Kirby: POYO! (pulls bomb outtta nowhere)
    Translation: On it!


    *bomb explodes*

    Kirby: Poyo poyo poyo?
    Translation: did u see?

    No kirby i didnt. and that wasnt wat i was going to ask! i was going to ask for u to get me a piece of toast!

    Kirby: poyo.
    Translation: uh-huh (sarcasm)

  30. lol ROFL ROFL ROFL

  31. no really kirby i was!

    Kirby: Poyooooo
    Translation: riiiiiight.


    Kirby: Poyo, koko.
    Translation: forget it koko

    OMG kirbyyyy! your not using my special nickname! why? why? why? OKAY! i was going to ask u to go on wikipedia! i admit it! D:

    kirby: POYO!
    translation I KNEW IT!


  32. awwwwwwwwww your guyz first lil fight o.o lol

  33. not fun-ay lulu lol

    kirby: poyo poyo lulu
    translation: yeah not funny lulu


  34. ok fine b that way gosh lol jk

  35. soooooorry!!!!!!!!!!!!! kirby saaay sorry!

    Kirby: fiiiine! i am super sorry lulu!

    Me O.o WHAT?!

    Kirby: i mean poyo?


  37. ya and its kinda freaking me out O.O

  38. lol silly koby xD

  39. yesh silly moi

  40. lol yesh yesh =) silly me 2 xD

  41. lol 😛

  42. jaja(haha) lol xD

  43. ROFL

  44. rofl lol lolz jaja haha teehee xDD

  45. dododo

  46. do re mi fa so la ti YO lol i got the giggles o.O

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  48. ha-ha. crack up videos, awesome!

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