Almost time for St. Patrics Day ^-^ Are you feeling lucky?!? My brother was born lucky his birthday is before St. Patrics ^-^ There might be no point of coming here cause i is busy and have no time to update this page =/ but i try you know!

Eat food 😀 Oopsy this is soposed to be Christmas time. 😳  Gotta get ready for the winter 😀 . I’m ready!! Are you ready?? I hope you are.

More coming soon 😀



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  1. mmm that looks good. xD
    Fruit Salad, yummy yummy..

  2. lol mmmhmmm :mrgreen:

  3. happy hanukkah (:

  4. merry christmas =]
    happy hanukkah =]
    feliz navida =]

  5. mhmmm. 😆
    lol I just said “mhmm” right now while talking to helIX. I was typing “mhmm” and tuning out on heliX then I said “mhmm” because she asked me something. xDD
    Happy christmas and have a merry new year!!!!! Hope you dreams come true! Well, not the nighttmares and the creepy dreams. o.o

  6. Thanks you. You too. =D

  7. um no im not feeling lucky at all. i got a P.E. test on that day WAAA its on bad minton and health facts

  8. oo i not feeling lucky either =(

  9. no its just.. i never got the chance to tell my crush how i feel about him T_T

  10. aww poor lulu. is he dating someone else or…. yeah

  11. nnnnnnnn… idk o-o

  12. lulu i encourage you to tell him your feelings! …gives cookie….

  13. yay cookie! ^-^ ok ok i will, or at least ill try =X

  14. text him jk

  15. lol i can but only on youtube =x

  16. lol niiice lol

  17. lol oh yea btw, can u get a wordpress blog so then i can make u a worker here? ^-^

    • nope sorry, i almost got a blog, but my parents think that there r bad ppl out tthere so yeah lol

  18. oooh that sux lol


  20. oo ok

  21. im mad.. my sister was supposed to do my nails… but she is at a birthday party.
    believe it or not shees only 7 and she is AMAZING at doing nails lol

  22. O: really?!?! lol wow

  23. yes! she is a serious girly girl and i walk around in shirts that say peace, love, hippinesss LOL

  24. lol let me guess… is it glittery??

  25. yeah it is, it has a smiley face playing guatar lol

  26. lol i really just guessed lol

  27. mighty lucky guess eh?

  28. lol yea i guess lol

  29. lol even luckier yaaaay

  30. lol hmm lucky charms the cereal lol

  31. YAYZ! ..eats in one bite…. oops…

  32. LOL!!!

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