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  1. OMG i got peanut butter too! lol but for my flavor i was vanilla!

  2. oo lol cool

  3. my bff and i were in newspaper and i was supposed to write this 3 paragraph thing on julius caesas. apparently shakesphear wrote a play about him. my bff and i were already in a funny mood- ya know the mood where u laugh at everything for no apparent reason lol. well heres how a conversation started up.
    ME: AH ha! (looks up julius Caesas) WAT?! so he wasnt real?!
    Bff: he was real!
    Me: NO shakesphear made him up! grr…(looks up biography on the roman dude)
    Wow, this thing is like 5 pages long…(speed reads and then looks up a summary on Julius) AGH! STUPID INTERNET! I cant find anything on this dude!
    Teacher: did u look up his biography?

    Me: Yes but it was really LOOOOOOONG!

    (my bff idmeadiatly cracks up)

    I started laughing with her too lol

  4. lol koby u so funny 😆

  5. me halo award thingy is me voice. HOw nice lol

  6. lol cool ^-^

  7. i just took that teennick quiz on which medal would you win and i got a silver medal for sarcasm lol i guess i am pretty sarcastic…(mainly in real life)

  8. oo lol ill try to take that one soon =)

  9. yeah its funny lol

  10. lol okie ^-^

  11. i luv those quizzes!! their really fun 😛 and very nice blog!

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