Bored?Awww but why?

Y-y-y-you can’t be bored… well not now. Well don’t be bored anymore… pleeeeeeeease?

I got stories I would like to share with you.

A blonde, red head and brunette all walk into a bar. The bartender realizes they are underage and calls the police. So they run into an abandoned barn behind the bar and hide in 3 bags. The police start to search the barn for the 3 girls, but all he sees is the 3 bags labelled DOGS, CATS and POTATOES. So the one policeman kicks the bag of dogs and brunette screams “WOOF” and the policeman says “that must be a dog”. Next, the policeman kicks the bag of cats and the red head screams “MEOW” and the policeman says “that must be a cat”. Then the policeman kicks the bag of potatoes which contains the blonde inside. The blonde replies saying “..POTATOES..”

Thank you, thank you.

Now lulu105 presents….. Charlie and the Unicorn.Pause the mixpod at the side before you whach.

at 1:56 charlie said: it’s not pushie that so serious? since no *something* yelling in it , nobody is it


I dont know??

skip it to 5:50 its funny or you can watch the whole thing either way their all funny :]



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  1. those videos r soo funny. i showed my brother it and he burst out laughing. have u seen charlie bit my finger?

  2. oo not yet [: lol

  3. u should see it. the accent is hularious!

  4. i saw it lol and i found a video of charlie has 30 seconds TO SAVE THE WORLD… lol :]

  5. rofl the elf video was hularious! i’ve seen the elf yourself video except with other ppl lol

  6. i was bored lolz

  7. Lolz! When I Saw This Part In Charlie The Unicorn I Was ROFL! HAHAHAHA ANywayz It’s This Part 0:28-0:55

  8. u kno wat rofl means (= claygates way of saying it is “rolls on flaming llamas” LOL poor llamas ^-^

  9. I dont get the first joke o.o

  10. Me neither lol, my brother told me to put that one. Oh and thanks for making me a worker on your blog ^^

    • np and look below. the jokes are racist I think u should delete them before someone reports you for religious reasons

  11. Lulu, no offense but the first and third joke is racist! The first is making fun of black peoples talk. the second is making fun of portugese people!

  12. OMG!! i just realized that 😯 ty for telling me ^^

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