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  1. Liljade:
    U have facebook!
    MEE TOO!

  2. cool!! we could be able to add each other 😀 wats your username on it??

  3. Its —————
    but if u gimme ur username ill add u okie
    oh and to make ur search easiar
    i am in toronto
    and meh email is
    so yahh… add me kay
    but gimme ur name sos i know who you are i dont add ppl i dunt knoe
    so yea

  4. oh and after u have seen this comment plz remove my email thankss♥

  5. done :]

  6. my username is
    and the e-mail is..
    plz comment when u see this so i can block it o.o and i couldnt find u :[ your turn to try nd find me xD

  7. kk

  8. did u get it??

  9. i added u , nice profile pic…
    You can view my pic sbut plz dont send them out

  10. i would never do that, thats illegal :[

  11. My Blog Is

  12. added it =)

  13. can I work here?

  14. Can I workd here the one above is me as well

  15. kk =)

  16. hehe 2 workers that r the same ^-^ that did not come out right… i think o.o


  18. added it and nice blog (=

  19. Hi, Here’s my blog, Thx

  20. its already up there lol

  21. Thx Lulu!! 🙂

  22. no prob. =)

  23. hey people come to my blog

  24. *AHEM* c;

  25. Mine

    My name is b-e-s-t-f-r-e-i-n-d ( the spelling ) in fact my whole name is bestfreind09. My blog is

    pls put me on the blogroll
    and ppl please visit it

  26. here’s mine: MINE ROX LOL AND SO DOEZ URS!!! WOOT WOOT 😀
    ~chill out 😎

    My blogito 🙂

  28.! It rlllly cool

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