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Hey, its me, misty :) i havnt been on for 4ever cuz of vacations nd school (when there is school of course >w<)
But anyways, im probably not gonna get on my blog anymore so my blog is... history. I do hav a new gaia account tho :D
I get on whenevr i can my user ish: AmyLufsYew

Add meh nd we can chat! (but tell me who your if your user is diff. from ur wordpress one bcuz i dont normally accept random friend requests) :D

Ok, thats basically all i have to say... so byeee! and cyu on Gaia :)


*EDIT* i probably will come on evry so often


new oW gem codes.. nd sprites

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they both add 10 gems ^^

oW winter sprites


Celebrate the season right with a new winter Sprite. They’ll bring lots of cheer, but aren’t sold all year!


da new charm ^^

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bonus code ;]

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~ ♥misty5863♥


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<— thats me… im sure u have figured it out already…

hi my name is misty5863. lulu is a cool friend and very nice. she is caring and friendly (i think she can make friends very easily too). well this is my first post here and i just wanted to say hi sooo ” HI!!! ” well okie bi

p.s. check out my blog:


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