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If u don’t know wut “free associations” r, i shall tell chu.

it’s where u just write random things right off the top of your head and make them into a poem. it doesn’t have to rhyme.

Exp of what i wud write: Puffy clouds in the sky, flying, on a windy day, still a few patches of blue. The sun shines behind a cloud, and as it moves away, the sun is revealed. oh, blinding light! Sunglasses! Sunscreen! Anything! Protect me from the heat! Then, swimming. Swimming in a public pool with friends, splashing, diving, playing.

Exp of wut my older sis wud write (o boy) : Pickles underneath my hairy hula hoop. Wiggling troll fingers dancing in the light of my bug lamp. Sizzling five layered balls of earwax. Chunky earlobes in my vegitable soup. (Yeah, thats the first thing that comes to her mind)

Exp of wut my mom wud write: …. i dnt rlly understand wut she writes, sooooo…



blue heart charm

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I have the left blue heart charm if u have right blue tell me plzzz?

Wussup Blog-readers?!

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Hey this is CHOCO. I’m the newest (and, might I add, AWESOMEST) author to this AWESOME blog,!

Here’s me:

Awesome, rite?


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