Hey Guys it’s been a while

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You may or may not remember me probably because it’s been what 4 years? I remember the day I joined this blog, it was my first time interacting with people my age at the time. I guess this blog is dead and long gone. If anyone’s still there, how are you? I guess we’ve all grown up. The memories are still strong. Oh dizzywood how you made friendships through wordpress blogs and youtube videos ❤


Hey I know you might have forgoten me…..

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But since dizzywood closed down they transferred dizzies to SECRETBUILDERS

Anyways I made a new blog http://secretbuildersguide.blogspot.com/

Here’s my new account it says that CANONS contains a bad word so I changed it I know it looks nothing like my name.

Anyways you can meet me in Quark, Canvas or Octave

PLEase visit my blog………  


Check new blog

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Type Of Music

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hi new author

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Im new

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Hi guys im new to this blog

and this is my first post on this blog

Here is my blog if you wanna visit


thats it

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