any questions?

Here you can ask anything! Anything about, Dizzywood, Poptropica, Gaia online, or anything else 😛 And i’ll try to answer them.



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  1. Who is better Telitubbies or Barney?
    I personally like telitubbies better

    • Me too.They’re so cute n’ funny lookin’!

  2. hmmm i would have to say……. telitubbies lol

  3. ROFL next quistion!

    Which is better Cat or Dog? or if u dont like either of them then idk lol

  4. lol umm doggy 😀

  5. YAYZ! next quistion! wats your favorite color?

    (mine is blue and orange and red…. i cant make up my mind xD)

  6. :O i like blue and red too!! xD and sometimes black… tho idk y o.o

  7. lol next quisstion! Wats your favorite movie!?

  8. hmmmmmm theres alot lol hmm my most favorite one is………….. is is is is….. wat was it called again… i forgot wat it was called but it was a scary movie… well i love scary movies 😀

  9. i know this sounds childish but all well i like The princess and the frog i just saw it and loved it for some reason…. lol

  10. lol, was it good?

  11. surprising yes it was!

  12. lol, i still cant remember wat it was called. 😳

  13. aww lulu dont blush it doesnt matter

  14. lol but i like how it looks 😳 😳 😳 😳 lol 😉

  15. ya it does look cute lol

  16. lol yellow and pink o.O lol xD

  17. How do u add that stuff on the side…The dancing ppl…..Idk how 2 do that..Plz Help Me

  18. o that, if u click on 1 itll take u a new page, u click on any pic u want, copy the html and put it on a widget or if u want a different picture, make a new post upload the pic, then click on… i think it was called “view html” or something, copyeverything on that, go 2 your widgets, drag in the 1 called “text” name it anything u want then, put the html in it and click save. there u go 😉

  19. thnx

  20. no prob =)

  21. So…i am a newbie to blogs!!! So how do u change your pic for the comment pic or watever?!?!? i cannot figure out how to do tht!! oh…and also how do u do those awesome smileys????

  22. ok click “my account” at the top left then “Edit Profile” then click.. “Change your gravatar” on the right, and upload the pic u want then itll take a few minutes 2 change it

  23. oh ok thanks so much!! 😀

  24. yay!! i changed my gravatar thanks soooo much!!!

  25. Sooo… i gots another question lol. ok so the ipod mixpod thing i hav tht on my blog right now but i only hav it on one of mi pages in mi blog and idk how to get it on all my pages (???)

  26. ooh like mine? ok edit the post, click “html” copy all that, go to “appearence” click “widgets” drag in the one called “test” rename it then under that paste the html then save =) hope this helps

  27. i meant text hehe sorry 😳

  28. thnx 🙂 lol 😛

  29. Hmm…well i thought i did that but it didnt work :O hmmm…well maybe i messed up i will try again 🙂

  30. if u cant do it then i can do it 4 u but u r gonna have 2 make me a editer =)

  31. ok imma make u editor 🙂

  32. okie dokie =)

  33. thnx 😀

    • your welcome smiley 😀

  34. okie which superpower? pick one plz flying or super speed.

  35. hmm flying =D

  36. Hi Lulu!I’m Dizzy2154 owner of am starting a new topic on my blog where I interview successful Dizzywood blog owners.Is there any way I can interview you?I work on several blogs so I can post the interview there too.The interview will bring traffic to you’re website.From what I say you have a very high overall rank of 33644 according to

    • PS Greenday when r u goin on dw?

      • do u work on EVERY blog????

  37. a interview hmm? ok ^-^ idk when greenday gets on and i dont work on every blog just a few =)

    • I was talking to green kause its almost as if she works 4 every blog i go to..

  38. ooh really? daz cool, wat about kka2297’s blog? dose she work there 2?

    • No..BUT U DO!
      BTW is there a way I can contact u over the internet besides commenting 4 the interview?itz ok if not.I have a private pg and a chat box if anything.

  39. hmm, gmail, yahoo, msn, and dizzywood (=

    • EMAIL ME UR EMAIL AT ________________ delete this comment once you read it.

  40. ok done ^-^

  41. Hola lulu! This is sweetcandy!! uhm…i was wondering wat ur email is so u can be a worker on my bloggie…???!!! k thnx!

  42. or i can just comment on your blog so then u can edit the comment and see my email to make me a worker ^-^

  43. yoyo 😛 so i gots a question 😀 so about the ipod…i cant add new songs 😦 😥 so how do i add new songs?? 😮

  44. to add new songs go in your mixpod account, then click “edit songs” then clock search music and type the one u want and click the plus, the newer music r at the end (= hope this works

  45. Hey lulu! meh sweet again. i was just wonderin if you could plz put one of those mixpodipod things onto my bloggie cuz i just rlly dont understand it….? okay thnx and i also added u as a worker so u can!!! thnx peace 🙂

  46. if im a administrater i think it was, then can u make a post with the mixpod then i can make it as a widget (= if u dont kno how to make it as a post then, click “get code” then click the tool bar that ssays “other” after that click the arrow at the bottom right, then click the one with a big “W” that means wordpress, then enter your username and password thenn itll post it itsself ^-^

  47. the edit songs is beside the music that looks like a cd

  48. did u get it?

    • nope 😦 can u do it for me???? since your so good at blog stuff 😀 😆 thnx lulu u rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  49. ok can u tell me wat kind of music u want? =)

    • okie so i like the kind of music prettygall has on her blog… um here they r…
      1. Whatcha say – Jason Derulo
      2. Replay- Iyaz Ft. Sean kingston
      3. In my head- Jason Derulo
      4. Tik Tok- Ke$ha
      5. Stronger- Kayne West
      6. The Lost Get Found- Britt Nicole
      7. Fifteen- Taylor Swift
      Thanks!!!!! Sorry there r so many… okie well peace out homie gee!! 😀

  50. lulu how did u type: Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♣♪lulu♪♣Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ™ …just wondering…

  51. the butterfly i made on myspace and just copied it onto my username the ♪ and ™ i got from the dsi :mrgreen: if u want it u can right click on your mouse copy and paste it onto your username ^-^

  52. ohhh okie thx!!! ^-^

  53. no prob ^-^

  54. np smiley ill give it 2 u once im done okie? ^-^

  55. Hi Lulu, I wanted to ask two questions

    1. Which do you like better, cookies, or choclate?
    (I can’t choose between them)
    2. How do you get your blog popular?

  56. p.s. HAPPY EASTER! 🙂

  57. answer#1-hmm cookies xD cause it also has choclate
    answer#2-i advertized my blog alot.. and i mean aLOT ._.
    ty ^-^happy easter to u too and everyone else =D

  58. Thx lulu!! 🙂

  59. glad i could help =)

    What do you do when some kid in my school likes me but i dont like him back and he keeps hitting on me!it gets worse! i am FORCED to be partners with him! AHHH!

  61. just tell him u just wanna be friends but let him down gently and if u dont wanna be partners with him just tell ur teacher u dont feel comfitorable (forgot how to spell =P) and she could change ur partner. hope this helps ^-^

  62. i can’t…. My principal assigned the partners O.O Today my princiPAL said I colored like my preschooler sister….. Honestly i had this look that meant dumbfounded lol. Thank u for the advice! we got new partners today (THANK GOODNESS!) and i actually got paired with someone cute but quiet. 😀

  63. oo i doubt that =P i bet u can color waaaaaaaay and i mean waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than a preschooler xD np and lol u called him cute xD so sweet =D

  64. he thinks he’s a nice principal but honestly he’s very naggy So stupid….. anywho, Maybe i do color like a preschooler. idk…. He said that preschoolers sqruibble when they fill something in. Yyyyeah i was kinda doing that…

  65. oo i use to have a guy teacher but now its a girl =P, lol ur not the only one that dose that xD i do too most of the times hehe xD

  66. i wanted it done! he’s all mr. perfect about everything! I guess this is wat i get for going to a private school 😛

  67. YOU GO TO PRIVATE SCHOOL?!? O_O wow =P i never ever been to private school. do u hhave to wear uniforms?

  68. yeah, I go there for my 5 friends and my religan…. Yes u wear uniforms gtg my bro is seriously impatent

  69. i always wanted uniforms xD but never had a chance to, and i dont think i ever will ._. and ok lol

  70. hiiii lol havent been on its just all the testing nd everything… ok now to the question, can u post the hamburger charm on mi blog for me? plz? i accidentally clicked without taking the pic so… ya….

    THX LULU! hugz, biiiii


  71. lol sure ^^

  72. thx… again.. ^^

  73. your welcome ^^

  74. witch one? money? power? or respect?

  75. Hyee Lulu,
    Just asking did you make your header? Because it’s REALLY pretty 😀
    Also how did you get that writing on your header? Haha 0.0
    Anyways I love your blog, it’s cool :mrgreen:

    ~Love Yapper xxx.

    P.S Can I add you too my blogroll?

  76. Heyy ^^ Yes i did thank u, lol i made it on myspace thats how i got the writing and all. ^_- Thank you and yea sure ^^

  77. Your welcome hehe ^^

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