About me

Howdy yall lol well this is my website… (I guess you already knew that) well…. here are some of my accounts



Gaia online:Xx-Baby_Flaka-xX

Superpoke pets:emma


Facebook: Nevaeh Garcia


Twitter:Nevaeh Garcia Adame



Gmail: dwlulu105

and a whole lot more..lol

My favorite singer in the world is s.p.m. aka south park mexican aka carlos coy

I like cookies and animals. I don’t like bragging. I help people out on their problems. And i don’t like starting or being in fights. Now enjoy this… singing cookie!! I was just looking up stuff on google and found it o.O Who ever made it they are awesome! ^-^

Here’s some videos i made :]           



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  1. COOOL!!! love the web 😀 can i add u in dw? 😀

  2. Sure. What’s your time zone??

  3. lol singing cookie! wait it has an awfully big mouth. do u think it will plot revenge on ALL cookie lovers? OH NO!

  4. NOOO BAD COOKIE NOO!! O.O sorry caps lol

  5. r u sure u dont like bragging? joking! lol im watching the lion king while waiting for 2010 to come for me at least, ’cause u know time zones.

  6. mmhhmm n.n 2012 for me is is 3 hrs. and 30 min. :]

  7. i mean 2010 o.o

  8. lol I made a typo of 2010 being 2012 on someone elses blog. O.O

  9. oo lol idk y but.. bout everytime im thinking of 2010 i say 2012 o.o i also do that wit part i usually spell it party o.o

  10. well there is that 2012 movie

    • mmmhmm o.o my brother keeps saying its really gonna happy >.< I guess hes just trynna scare me about that just coz their predicting its gonna happen December 21 o.O

  11. Now some people think the world is going to end on 2010. I keep accidently typing 2012. I guess my fingers like how 2012 is typed or something. xDD
    Dec 21 is before X-mas and New Years though!
    And heliX’s birthday. And my friend’s birthday. o.o

  12. Oooo jeje thats wat happens to me whenever i type, write or draw it o . o

  13. Awesome! Just got a new phone and I can read your blog on my phone, it didn’t work on my old one

  14. cool 😀

  15. Hey lulu it’s smiley! Ur bloggie is awesome xP

  16. lol i commented on your blog =) yours is cool 😀

  17. r u sure u cant give away your name? jk

  18. Awesome!!! Tons of vids and awesome stuff!!!!! 😀 Oh..and i am in one of the vids the one wit the spaceship at the beginning but then i left O.o xP 😀 ok peace!!

  19. lol ok peace

  20. hi lulu… its me bint, da one on dw. y u delt me? lol nice blog 😛 i got won too

  21. hi, umm… i didnt take u off…??? i havent even been on much, yea sure just for charms then i’d log off right after i got the picture.. and ok ill check it out

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