Would you be good friends with me in real life Quiz?

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You had big plans with your friends but they got cancled, what do you do?
A. Completley IGNORE them for the next month. (some of my friends actually do this!:()
B. You ask them why, but forget about it after a while.
C. You get upset but you tell them, “It’s okay, but DON’T ever do it again!”
D. You tell them your super dissapointed and tell them you really wish they could come, and tell them that you hope that they can hang out with you some other time.
E. B, C, D are all things that I might do!
What would you do if you were going to die tomorrow?
A. Spend all my time with family and friends, to tell them goodbye.
B. Travel the world.
D. Be depressed and feel bad for yourself all day.
What are you and your best friend like?
A. CRAZZZY! We PARTY with eachother 24/7!
B. We are TIGHT. We are like sisters God forgot to give us!
C. We don’t have that much in common, but even though we have our differences we still love eachother.
D. I don’t like people. I only talk to virtual people on virtual sites.
What sport do you like the most out of this list?
A. soccer
B. basketball
C. football
D. track (running)
E. shopping! (It has weightlifting and running in it!)
F. baseball
G. martial arts
H. I HATE sports, they can go DIE!
Whats your favorite color?
A. Purple
B. Blue
C. Green
D. Orange
E. Pink
F. Yellow
G. Red
I. White
J. I change my favorite color everyday!
Do you like this quiz so far?
A. Yeah, it rocks!
B. Yes, its pretty cool.
C. Its okay
D. No way, what’s the point of this quiz anyways?
What would you do if a rumor spread about you?
A. Get your best friend to stand up for you.
B. Crawl in a hole:(
C. Stand up for yourself and tell them that it isnt true
Mmk, comment all your answers to the questions. And I will tell you if you would be a good friend for me. Please comment:-)


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