Lost Chapter

January 16, 2011 at 5:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

While searching for an obscure tome of forbidden tax code incantations, I knew I’d have to bury my fear and visit the Dimensional Library, Gaia’s most complete– and dangerous– repository of knowledge. Each book therein is a gateway to another dimension, and it’s far too easy to get stuck forever inside one.

The Librarian is a masterful caretaker of the stacks, but he’s got a short fuse when it comes to visitors– if you whisper one word out of line, he’ll shove you into the pages of one of his books. I narrowly avoided that fate myself, but many noisy visitors have been lost forever inside strange fictions.

If you pay the Librarian a visit, don’t be surprised if you find yourself hurled into a strange new existence. When you’re stuck in a book, you must find the legendary Lost Chapter to escape– no matter how deep you delve, you’ll always emerge from the dusty pages with an amazing reward, like a Cash Shop favorite, a valuable rarity or one of these amazing new items:

Think you’re ready to find the Lost Chapter and bring back some incredible prizes? Try if you dare, or save some Cash by buying a bundle, which gives you more exciting trips to the Dimensional Library.



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