December 18, 2010 at 12:20 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

To celebrate the introduction of Coliseum and hitting a new online record for zOMG!, there will be NO STARTER POLOS in the Daily Chance for an entire week starting Saturday. We realize that this may cause a run on the starter polo market, and rest assured that if that happens, Rufus is ready to take advantage of it.

What, you haven’t played the Coliseum in zOMG! yet? Now is a great time to try it, and there are lots of people available to help show you the ropes. We expect to hit a record number of players in zOMG! during this coming weekend.

Finally: start recording your Coliseum runs! We will be announcing a contest early next week in the zOMG! forums for the budding filmmakers who make the best videos in the following categories:

– Most Impressive Coliseum run — maximum 5 minutes in length.
– Best Coliseum tutorial — maximum 5 minutes in length.
– Funniest Coliseum event — maximum 1 minute in length.

Videos will be judged both on content and on production values, so get those slide transitions ready!


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