Evolving Items

December 18, 2010 at 12:22 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Hi, everyone! Happy Friday, and happy holidays, too– I hope you’ve all been keeping an eye on Santa, since it looks like he’s getting himself into trouble again. But if you’ll take your eyes off him for a moment and direct your attention to the world of Evolving Items, we’ve got a bunch of great stuff going on today: three items evolving, plus a brand-new bundle!

Two dazzling new acts from Sugarsuite! First, the third act brings tea dancers with decorative swords. The fourth act brings more sweetness, including a candy cane cape.

This week in the Antique Shop, you find a mysterious ship in a bottle. It smells like salty air, and its sails almost appear to ripple in a phantom breeze. It brings to mind the old days of seafaring armadas and the discovery of new lands…

Forteanagoria blows the whistle on the vast lizard-person conspiracy that holds our planet in a death grip of reptilian terror. I hate to editorialize, but this lizard person invasion is 100% real, and even now they’re plotting domination from their hidden bases in the planet’s hollow core, so please take this item seriously.

New! Exciting news: we’re releasing Rapid EI Bundle #1 today! This value-packed bundle gives you fully-evolved versions of Mana Seed, Lumiere Noire and Apprentice Charm, plus the exclusive Checkmate Void– a black and white recolor of Checkmate!

You can grab all kinds of awesome items– including the brand new Rapid EI Bundle– in the Gaia Cash Shop! Before you go, be sure to stop by our weekly EI poll and let us know which items you like best. See you next week, everyone!


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