Bitter Frost

December 14, 2010 at 6:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Brrrr! The temperatures have really dropped around here, and I think I know why: Jack Frost has brought Bitter Frost to Gaia.

I think Jack might be in for some trouble, though. You see, the Gaia Revenue Service keeps a careful tab on treasure hoards–the dwarven banks of Milthrylfyrun are an infamous tax haven–and as a result I’ve been auditing dragon lairs. I was on the phone with the dragon Fafnir yesterday and heard what sounded like the Sandman in the background, saying something about how they would put a stop to Jack once and for all. It sounded pretty shady– I think Jack needs your help.

Ride along with Jack Frost as he transforms Gaia into a winter wonderland and he’ll reward you with a Cash Shop favorite, valuable rarity or one of these exclusive items drawn from his mythic homeland:

Jack has different rewards for those who win, those you forfeit without a loss and those who get beaten by Fafnir and company. What can I say, Jack’s a pretty understanding guy– he knows that sometimes the smart move is to cut your losses– but he saves his best rewards for those who can take him all the way.

Join Jack Frost as he makes his annual rounds and you’ll be sure to win something cool. To save some Cash and get more chances to win Jack’s iced out prizes, pick up a bundle. In the spirit of Christmas, Jack is also including a bonus gift in each bundle. What a nice guy!

Items: 1. Jack Frost, Jack Frost Doll 2. The Sandman, Der Sandmann 3. Fafnir the Dragon, Faust’s Curse, The Love Song, SDPlus Black King 4. Calaeno, Noel’s Gift, Illyncia’s Honor 5. Lady Unicorn, Unicorn, Mana Seed, Enchanted Book 6.Galahad of Templar, Hyde’s Bloodlust, Fall of the Evening Star, Compass of Seidh, Ballad Punk 7. Momotaro no Uta, Gogh Reed, Fairy Ring 8. Snow Maiden, Ornate Snowflake, Let it Snow, Secret Retreat 9. The Sphynx, Sanzuwu, Heavenly Unmentionables 10. White Swan, Snow Deer Companion, Chuchip’s Blessing, Spring Bride 11. Father’s Armor, Infernal Spirit, SDPlus Katsumi 12. Sun Wukong, The Bird Bridge 13. Ring Around the Rosie, Gilt Thorns 14. Jade Rabbit, Crystal Parol, Twin Wolves, Compass of Seidh 15. Prince of Icy Thieves, Fafnir the Dragon, Painful Cold, Padmavati’s Lotus, Carol of Ol’ Ebenezer 16. Twin Wolves, Mujaji, SDPlus Proteus 17. Boto Enchantado 18. La Syphide, Gavle Goat, Snow Maiden 19. Quetzalcoatl, SDPlus HoboSen 20. Arion 21. SDPLUS

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