Revolution DAWN

December 14, 2010 at 5:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Even though Mintaka and I have extraordinary powers, we still love a good video game. Nothing beats exploring an imaginary world through the eyes of someone else. We just got ahold of this hot new game called Revolution Dawn. It’s still in Beta so there are some bugs, but overall it rocks! Plus, it will only be in the Cash Shop for one week, so get yours before December 20. You’ll randomly receive one of these sweet character classes:

Lalune (Dark): 1. Ireful Marksman, Jet the Kitten Star. 2. Keen Bandit. 3. Berserk Conjuror, Anesidora’s Woe. 4. Plague Revenant, Captain Ara’s Nestegg.
Solair (Light): 5. Deific Templar, Kottan Bell, Spring Bride, Lava Flow Dress. 6. Pious Cleric. 7. Earnest Minstrel. 8. Resolute Hero

What is Revolution Dawn? This press release from the producers speaks for itself:

Revolution Dawn is an epic MMORPGMIALOL where two opposing armies, Lalune and Solair, are locked in eternal war. Unlike traditional games, you can’t choose your class… but rather, your class chooses you!

Note: Revolution Dawn is in BETA and may be missing most features and may most likely never gain any more features ever and most definitely does not exactly qualify as an actual game. But it’s okay, we’re in BETA!!!

Sounds great, right? We’re ordering two copies for ourselves and another for Saiph and Hatsya!

After playing Revolution Dawn we wanted to help bring the joy of gaming to kids who need it most. Ten percent of the proceeds from Revolution Dawn will be donated to Child’s Play, an organization of gamers that contributes toys, games, books and more to give sick kids a reason to smile.

Whichever class you get in Revolution Dawn, you’ll be sure to pick up one of these brand new exclusives. Jack in to the electronic role-playing adventure of a lifetime with Revolution Dawn now and remember– it will only be available for one week!


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