Cash Shop Update. (Sorry I’m late..)

November 28, 2010 at 1:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

This Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday the Cash Shop will be having the seasonal sale of a lifetime. Four color-themed bundles of past Cash Shop items will be available over the long weekend, each with a chance for a rare recolor of one of their items.

But that’s not all: there will also be short super sales where you can get these for thirty percent off or as buy one, get one free double bundles. These deals will keep changing over the weekend; check back frequently so you don’t miss out.

Pick up the Icy Blue Bundle and you might find a pack of birdwatchers spying on you. With Loyal Jay, Powdy Pengy and Permafrost, you’ll be one finely feathered friend. Lucky Gaians will also find a truly rara avis, the Loyal Cardinal, a red recolor of Loyal Jay.

Blast winter weather away with the Warm Red Bundle. Briar’s Shot, Crimson Promise and Sumi Tribe offer plenty of cloaks, scarves and gloves to keep out the cold– plus, you’ll be looking smokin’ hot, providing enough fashion heat to light a small fire. The Aoi Tribe is a little known splinter group of the Sumi Tribe, recoloring their garb in blue.

The Classic Black Bundle gets you ready for a night on the town with Malice Punk, Black Heavenly Unmentionables and Smok the Baby Dragon. (No party is complete without a baby dragon). For those singing a different tune, the rare Ballad Punk is a white recolor of Malice Punk.

Don’t have a favorite color because you love them all so much? Check out the Festive Rainbow Bundle– with Rainbow Jubilee, Archangel’s Blade and Celebration Ribbons you will be a chromatic explosion. Or you could get the cloud to your silver lining, the Dark Jubilee, a black recolor of Rainbow Jubilee.

To get great deals on these bundles, watch out for these bountiful little boxes:

When you see two bundles huddling together like this, they’re on a buy one, get one free special.

Bundles with stars like this have a thirty percent discount.

Whether you’re stuffing your own stocking or buying for your friends, these Cash Shop deals are a great way to pick up some sweet items!


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