Animated Items.

October 29, 2010 at 4:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Greetings, Gaialings! We’ve got something special today: three all-new Animated Items have arrived in the Cash Shop. You can thank our industrious siblings Saiph and Hatsya for creating these sweet items:

Astra-VII: Curse of the Gray Wizard strips all the color from your avatar and adds a subtle film grain effect. We can only presume the Gray Wizard was a fan of black and white movies. If you’re going for a film noir, gritty horror, or old-timey sitcom look, this will help seal the deal.

Astra-VIII: Autumn Waltz celebrates the changing seasons by adding a staggering supply of falling leaves to your avatar. Naturally, there’s plenty of fall color.

Astra-IX: Spectral Possession is just in time for Halloween. Be warned: when equipped, a netherwordly force will rob you of your corporeality, leaving you a ghostly, semi-transparent figure.

If you’re in love with all three of the above, you can save some money and get them together in the Animated Item Bundle!

If you’d like to grab any of these great items, come see me and Rigel in the Cash Shop! Don’t wait too long, because these illuminated goodies are only available until November 12th.


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