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October 2, 2010 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Welcome to the Evolving Item Report, ladies and gentlemen! It’s an awfully exciting week in the world of EI science: not only is one of our most mysterious items reaching its surprising climax, but I have the rare pleasure of announcing a brand-new Rapid EI!

New! The Apprentice Charm  is a new Rapid EI from the creator of Pistolera and Lumiere Noire. It tells the tale of a novice white witch and her adorable familiar, Bumble. They’ve got the best intentions at heart, but their attempts at magic always seem to backfire.

The strange saga of the Secret Retreat  comes to an end today! The Retreat’s true owners have been revealed, along with their shocking motivation. The alluring twins lure beautiful souls to their pleasure palace and provide for their every whim… and you, dear guest, are the newest addition to their human collection, forever silently enshrined in their twisted menagerie.

You can pick up the new Apprentice Charm today in the Gaia Cash Shop– and don’t miss your chance to pick up the Secret Retreat before it closes forever! Before you go, be sure to stop by our weekly EI poll and let us know which items you like best. Have a great weekend!

Oh, and we’ve got one more special treat for you: a cool illustration of the new Rapid EI!


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