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Hello, Gaians. Our tireless search for the world’s most amazing garments continues! This week, Rigel and I have imported a new selection of gorgeous merchandise from a far-off land… have a look!

The Flora Roja  is sure to make you the foxiest señorita in the room. This breathtaking flamenco garb includes a beautiful gown and some lovely accessories.

For those who enjoy classic feats of manly barbarism, the Mark of Courage brings us back to a time when men dressed up in ornate costumes and engaged in daring duels with angry bulls.

You might look pretty silly in a full torero costume if you didn’t have an irate living slab of sleek, razor-horned beef breathing down your neck. That’s where ol’ Toro Bravo comes in.

For the best deal, pick up the Paquete Magnifico– this bundle includes all of the above, plus an adorable exclusive buddy: Churro the Donkey!

Gaia’s Gold Shops have also been freshly stocked with a new selection of items– please look below for a message from Josie!

To get these hot new items, just visit us in the Gaia Cash Shop. We have an ever-changing selection of wonderful stuff, so stop by often. See you soon!

A big shipment of clothes has just arrived from a far off land of adventure and romance– a land where luchadores wrestle in the ring while gauchos, bandits and lawmen compete for the attention of fair young ladies. With these great new items, you can dress any part you like, or mix and match for a really international style.

I’ll have a bunch of these items at Global Imports, but some of the other shops are also stocking their shelves with this delivery. Check out The Jock Strap, Gambino Outfitters, Prize & Joy, Barton Jewelers and Barton Flowershoppe if you want something and can’t find it at my store.


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