Evolving Item Report

September 25, 2010 at 1:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! I’m Dr. Singh, Gaia’s preeminent biologist, and this is the Evolving Item Report, your weekly wrap-up of all the latest news in the strange world of evolving items. We’ve got three incredible new developments this week, so let’s get right in there:

This week brings the bittersweet finale of Lumiere Noire: alas, it seems that dark and light cannot share the sky, and our lovers could not escape their fate. But they’ll always be in each other’s hearts, as the sunshine casts shadows and the moonlight illuminates the dark.

More paranormal events are popping up in the realm of Forteanagoria. This week, a pair of strange visitors bring eerie tidings: watch out for a creepy Mothman and the mysterious Mr. Cold.

Last up, my little mutant buddy Timmy  has another mini-evolution today. Looks like he’s continuing to devour your arm like a snake eating a gopher– he’s almost up to the shoulder joint! Yecch!

That’s all for this week, friends! Before you take off, be sure to stop by our weekly EI poll and let us know which items you like best. You can grab all these great items and many more in the Gaia Cash Shop:

Heads up! Some of our favorite EIs will be leaving the shop soon! If you’re looking to pick up Pistolera, Checkmate, Mana Seed, Shadowlegend or the Imaginary Friend, you’ll need to do it before Tuesday, September 28th. Don’t miss out!

Oh! We’ve got one last surprise this week: a beautiful piece of Lumiere Noire artwork from one of Gaia’s artists!


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