Cash Shop Update

September 22, 2010 at 5:56 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

School’s in, Gaians! Our own education was unconventional– mostly inter-stellar travel, watching galaxies die and the like– but we understand that education is something of a fetish among your kind.

To be honest, though, your schools seem…boring…to us. So, we brought in a shipment of punk gear to put some bite into your learning institutions. Please enjoy irresponsibly.

Malice Punk  – Before you throw a brick through the principal’s office window, throw on this vicious collection, including jacket, buckle scarf, zipper pants and awesome hair. You’ll be so busy admiring yourself, you’ll forget all about vandalism.

Lover’s Anarchy  – This tough-looking collection is great whether your heart is a bitter rock or needs an extra layer of leather to protect it from a cruel world. Includes a black and magenta ponytail, skirt, boots and union jack lunchbox.

Murky  – If you’re not bringing books to class, sling this little guy over your shoulder. Murky includes teddy ears and an eye patch so you can match each other.

Purky  – For a more colorful companion, you can drag Purky along for all kinds of delinquency in matching bunny ears and heart-shaped eye patch.

Punk Academy Bundle – Get the full punk look with all the items above and a sweet pair of headphones in the bonus Beat Gear.

Complete your punk look while you can, Gaians! These fashions will be leaving the Cash Shop on October 6, when our own impulse to rebel will force us to move on to something new.


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  1. i can has cheeseburger?

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