Cirque Du Gothique

September 17, 2010 at 5:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

As a soldier in the war on tax fraud, I’ve got my share of enemies. Underground ferret breeders, knock-off lava lamp dealers and fake charities all know my name. But what really gets to me are traveling circuses– no respect for tax law and never in one place for long. Grrr!

The worst of the bunch is the Cirque du Gothique. Run by the lunatic Ringmaster, this crowd of misfits and troublemakers rambles from town to town, spreading mischief and never paying their taxes. Together with his eight captains, the Ringmaster is always looking for new recruits to perform in his mad show.

If you join the Cirque du Gothique you’ll be randomly assigned one of those eight degenerates as your mentor. Through a series of questions they’ll find the right job for your skills–though I would hardly call them “jobs”–from balancing on the high wire to running the concession stand. The Ringmaster’s pay system is as chaotic as his show, so no matter your assignment you’ll be sure to walk away with a Cash Shop favorite, valuable rarity or something from his creepy collection. Of course, you’ll have to live with the shame of cheating the GRS of its share of your paycheck, but that’s up to you.

You can roll the bones with the Cirque du Gothique at the Cash Shop, or pick up a bundle to save some Cash.

Run away with Cirque Du Gothique !



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  1. I love this bundle!

  2. Would someone mind telling me the answers for the Puppetmaster..?I realllllyyy want the item!>.<

  3. Oh, and I mean the right answers, not the wrong ones..

  4. im not sure if i have heard of this puppetmaster ? would u mind showing me wat this puppetmaster is ? maybe i could help ^_^

  5. @Cat

    I know the answers to every single performer.

    My Gaia Username is AmaiUzuRin.

    Go ahead and PM me. :]

  6. well um how do u get in the circus??

  7. u have to buy the ticket thing from the gaia cash shop or i ‘think’ u could buy it at marketplae

  8. What are the right answers for the firebreather?

  9. =S if i knew wat those things were or where i could find them then i would be glad to help but since i dont kno i cant sorry =S

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