Evolving Item Report .

September 4, 2010 at 3:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Science never sleeps, ladies and gentleman, so we’re here around the clock to monitor the latest developments. This week our observations have turned up new evolutions in Forteanagoria, Timmy and the Rapid EI Lumiere Noire.

This week Forteanagoria  takes you deep into the forest primeval, where a legendary lost species of humanoids is looking for friendship– and more. It is truly an astounding day for science to confirm the existence of these majestic, amorous creatures.

My old friend Timmy  continues to work his way up your arm, consuming flesh and bone like a child-shaped pencil sharpener. This was from a pretty creepy phase of Timmy’s life, but I can’t help feeling partly responsible. This one brings back some painful memories– my arm suddenly feels weird– so let’s move on.

Tension mounts in Lumiere Noire  as Lumiere attempts to disguise himself, hoping to sneak into a ball. Will his ruse bring home closer to his love, or will he be discovered, unmasked and punished? Check back next week for another chapter in this love story.

You can pick up these delightfully macabre EIs in the Cash Shop, along with marvelous items for all occasions. We always want to know which EIs you like best, so stop by the weekly poll and give us an earful before Timmy chews his way up to the side of our head.

Also there is this grand opening in rally, i call it sour patch mart lol but im not really sure what its called . But go check it out if you’d like ^_^


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