Cash Shop Update .

August 27, 2010 at 4:52 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Aha! Mintaka and I have a wonderful new selection of items available today, hearkening back to the noble aristocratic tradition of fox hunting– of course, Gaians don’t actually hunt foxes anymore, they just ride around on horses with their dogs, find some adorable foxes, and then everyone sits down and has a picnic.

Equestri  – Includes all the pieces you need to look like an upper-class equestrian. Includes a jacket, pants, riding boots and a multi-functional riding crop.

Flossy Fox  – You’ll look certifiably foxy with these cute costume accessories: legwarmers, a lovely top, strawberry curls and a sugar capelet.

Bullet the Puppy  – Despite his intense name, this little wiggling hound pup is all naps and cuddles. He still hasn’t figured out how to keep his tongue in his mouth.

Fox and Hound Bundle – Includes all the items above, plus the exclusive Hunter’s Companion. What a deal!

These items will only be available until Friday, September 3rd, so get them while you can! To grab them, just visit us at the Gaia Cash Shop. We’ve got a huge, ever-changing selection of wonderful items, so please stop in for a look. See you next time!



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