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July 23, 2010 at 7:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 18 Comments

Me:Hey guess what ;D You: What? Me: I have officially been on dizzywood for one year ^_^ so im one years old on dizzyood ;D lol. You: Awesome O:

Lol yeah. Ok any who, blue team, your trophy is waiting for you in prestos edge ^_^

This will pop up before you get it.

We rocked it this year! ^_^ congrats to everyone!

P.S. Why haven’t I been updating much? I dont really go on dizzywood no more :/ im more into gaia online now..



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  1. hm. interesting… LOL thanx for rubbing it into RED KOKO!

  2. im not rubbing it in ur face O:< if i was then i would of probably be dancing around and stuff but no so no ;P

  3. … i was only kidding. sheesh! LOL plus i was supporting u guys. remember? *points down at the blog post comment that said something about meh supportig blue*
    uh-huh thought so.
    :l *tries to keep straight face* ROFL
    im sorry im sorry back to straight face 😆
    AH forget it!

  4. oh yea huh xD lol and ur msg from gaia, yea ill make u a mod dhats wat i was gonna do with all dha btr girls but i had to go so i really didnt have much time :/ but i will 2day when i get a chance on dha comp

  5. okie doke! yea… yea i started two new forums on the thingy. forgot about the monkey dogs thingy honest!

  6. lol in my opinion monkey dogs is better then just calling them dogs xD

  7. yea monkey means their cute and funny xD and dogs mean their loyal.
    put that togetha and u got monkey dogs. the most loyal little monkeys around! xD ah gustavo is random lol
    but logan is smart and funney
    the whole band is monkey dogs xD

  8. LOL so true :3 xD

  9. wowz… question: do u think i should take that story i kept on writing [PM] and put it in my journal? xD

  10. hahaa username is backwards xD anywayz… yea sure but then.. everyone will be able to see it o.o

  11. O_O would we want ppl to see it? O_O cause idc really O_O hmmm

  12. idk ._. would we? ;-;

  13. IDK! D: we COULD just forward it to JUST our friends… but it would be hard to read! i’d have to do some editing and re-format the PM Dx

  14. o.O defign “friends” >.> and how long did it take u to edit it? .-.

  15. about an hour xD like star-briana- that kind 🙂

  16. wow well at least it was worth it lol :mrgreen:

  17. ya! im planning on setting my journal on “friends only” then Pm the friends that would get a kick out of it- if we do it im going to put it in chapters. so they wouldnt feel likw their reading a long thing

  18. oooooo okie dokie

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