Kitten (Collar Charm)

June 6, 2010 at 1:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments



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  1. do u no where to sandwitch charm is??

  2. yea i just havent made the post yet lol ill post it now xD

  3. ok thx!

  4. ur welcome ^^

  5. Heeey,
    Im naddiaa from dizzywood, and sometimes pandasaver.
    Um, Why did smileyface quit , cause iFRIKEN miss her )’:
    Does she have like facebook or something or any way i can talk to herr ?

    Yep, Pleasee reply , cause i didn’t Get to say bye to her )):

    • she quit cause she said it was getting boring and that most of her close friends dont really get on. she still goes on her blog a few times, her blog is in my blogroll page, she has a facebook but idk it.. srry but yea check out her blog

  6. ohhhh. okaaay thanks.x
    Yeeh, she said she wont be going on her blog anymore either,
    But thanks anyway.x

  7. she goes on it anywayz u kno lol

  8. Ok thanks (:

  9. your welcome ;D

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