Bye to everyone who looks at my blog/knows me from DW

May 23, 2010 at 1:56 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

As most of you know I haven’t been on my blog since mother’s day. I will no longer go on this blog…maybe once in a while but not as much as I used to. So everyone who knows me from DW, I wont be able to talk to u anymore. Bye Lulu, Misty, Nadiia, and Prettystar! (I’m not saying bye to Sweetcandy and Bella since I know them in real life/on facebook) LOVE U ALL!! I will miss you. Bye…..forever  




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  1. you have fb?!? =O can i add u? ^^ lol and yes same here v_v prettystar, koko, puppylover4ever and i play gaia online now –>

    • uhh i dont want to say it on here…cuz i dnt want random ppl adding me…how can i tell u it not in public?

  2. umm….. umm.. pm me? u have my email.. uuh right? O.O send me a msg to my email ^^ if u have it..

  3. hmm edit this comment and look at my email =P or if it dont let u then try it on ur blog ^^

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