Found her!!

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  1. uuuuuh wats she doing behind there? i get shes shy and stuff but……ROFL!
    I told my real life friend the “rolls on flamin lamas” she was just like “what?”with a cocked eyebrow. We should play the bad noodles again when I’m ungrounded that was FUN!

  2. she is otherwise 1.hiding or 2.eating pie, lol reallu, ahh that never gets old xD and ok, ur grounded again? lol xD

  3. no…. I can go online now. ’cause my parents rnt home :mischievous: that was worth a shot lol

  4. ooh i barely go on dw now Dx no affence but it kinda boring now.. =S i miss the old dw T-T ill try to get on

  5. oooo i can’t go on anywho. i went on for like a minute and read a message that said something about kay quitting. I was just like :O honestly my mouth was agape for a minute or 2

  6. KAY WAT WAT WAT!??!?! =O everyone quitting T-T even prettystar.. well at least i get to contact her on facebook and gaia online.. 2 websites we use alot… BUT KAY DID WAT!?!?!??!?! T-T im not gonna lie but when i look at all the pictures on the pictures page… i kinda.. cried.. =/ i miss everyone… 😥

  7. prettystar does gaia? I might sign up when i feel like it lol one of my real lyfe friends showed me it once but I was just like nah im not leaving dw. lol KAY WHY DID U LEAVE US! I sometimes want to say not being on dw was my fault… Everyone seems to be quitting and I miss everyone! I bet your the only person on dw who actually remembers me! T.T

    • why did dw change? I feel so sad right now. I remember how fun it was and now the missions r stupid!the drama is stupid! The crying is stupid and i’m sick and tired of it! The quitting is stupid! they always do it so dramaticully! I have to say this right now! Emperor Withering is beyond stupid! dobn’t they get that we don’t care about the villian! We, bad noodles are way more evil! I do not think dw knows who the bad noodles r and if we lose one bad noodle the whole bad noodles fall apart!
      sincerely yours,
      Koko…..let me kno when dw needs us back…

  8. ikr?!! well i only need to go on dw for charms to update this blog or its gonna become the random blog o-o yea BAD NOODLES 4EVER, && BUMBA (bumba bee) CREW 4EVER. and okie dokie

  9. yea prettystar dose gaia ^-^its fuunn, its for everyone, nonmembers and members. the money is called gaia gold (gg for short) u get a car xD fish tank wiith free fish when u first start the game, when they die and it says flush or cancel, click cancel, go to inventory, special, click the bags and the click use (wow thats long =P not really) u get a profile that u can edit, and the rest is in the video =P (i think…) the money is easy to make whhen u play bootygrab (i kno it sounds wrong…) and… if u do join my username is Xx-Baby_Flaka-xX and prettystars is prettystar01 (lol) if u need help just ask (only if u join) wow tis is a long comment huh? xD

  10. wait kaymelon didnt quit =O i looked at her dw profile and it says “last loged in:May 1, 2010” which is today AND OMG I FORGOT MY READING COUNTS BOOK IS DEW MONDAY AND I HAVENT FINISHED MY CAREER THINGY AHHHHHH!!!!

  11. oooh! i made my gaia account with my friend its name is lkoko56l so yeah…. KOKO IS NOW ON GAIA

  12. YAY XD ok ill add u

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