Any advice? =(

March 22, 2010 at 2:55 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

My best friend on facebook…. shes getting hacked and well… the hacker is calling her ugly and everything and won’t ever get off her account… I just don’t know what to do.. She’s saying that she has no life but the hacker is the one with no life, she even called her the B word. She told one of my other friends she said… I swear I did not say this I just copied and pasted this… “OI (concoured)  WHAT THE (concoured) YOU BEEN TALKING ABOUT ME FOR YH JUST COZ YOUR (concoured) FRIEND GOT HACKED N OBSS DOESN’T HAVE A LIFE IM ONLY MAKEING HER LIFE BETTER BY MAKEING HER NEW FRIENDS EVEN THO ITS (concoured) HARD COZ SHES SO UGLY THAT NO ONE WELL BE HER FRIEND!!” yeah she even made it capitalized… and here’s what she put on her status.. “o im (blocked*cause it’s her real name*) and im a cow who needs to get a life and ugly as HEl*!! and so does all of her friends !!! (blocked*cause its where she lives*) SUCKS!!” I really dunno what to do.. Any Advice?



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  1. I Think She Should Change Her Pass…

  2. that wont help cause the hacker knows her email :L

  3. Hackers are beyond stupid!!! Can she block ppl on fbook?

  4. uuh maybe ._. but she dont kno how to ill tell her soon

  5. She can call 311 and they will trck down the hacker 🙂

  6. 311? lol i thought it was 911??? and r u tigress_fighter that i kno from dw? ^^

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