Updates and new charm.

March 18, 2010 at 3:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

First off…new dizzywood charm ^-^

Click the key ^-^

Check out my new Purse! It rocks yeah I know =)

Ok….. and.. The page of “the scene behind lulu105 gots to go. Sorry my brother found out and he freaked out.. so yea wave good-bye ^-^  And….. Next Monday we have a special guest coming ^-^ One of my teacher’s from school ^-^ So yeah put your hands together for…….. …. well i can’t say her name but… round of a plause please^-^ Ok well.. yeah bye! =D



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  2. why would your bro freak? lol Its not like somebody will stalk you or something

  3. ikr?!? but there r stalkers out there ._. youll never kno ^-^

  4. yeah true very true. i guess your lucky to have a bro that looks out for you

  5. lol yea but most of the times… hes.. well not very nice o-o

  6. this time he looked out for you…. o-o

  7. lol yuPp yuPp ^-^

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