What the..

March 15, 2010 at 7:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 22 Comments

Is it just me or are all the servers different??

O_O  Groggy? Giddy?? What the he**?!? And they moved around the servers? WHAT KINDA WORLD DO WE LIVE IN!?!??! And sorry i said the H word…



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  1. what the? THE WORLDS GONNA END! THE WORLDS GONNA END!(runs arouns screaming, grabs brother and screams) THE WORLDS GONNA END!

  2. OMG OMG OMG (runs around in circles, runs agents wall, falls back) OOF!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  3. the other day i caught my brother by surprise lol we were lounging in the kitchen & i grabbed him and screamed “LETS MAKE SOME BISCUITS! LETS MAKE SOME BISCUITS!” then he totally freaked and grabbed a pencil and threw it at me…. LOL

  4. really? lolol

    • i told my friends and their like i would’ve thought u were having a spaz attack lol

  5. ?????????confusing

  6. lol ikr?!?

  7. lol 😆

  8. lol oh and btw did u watch the big time rush where their on break? it was funny ^-^

  9. yeah i did. lol james did get a part because of his albs lol

  10. lol yea ^-^ and Carlos’s dad was looking for his helmet then a flash back– (carlos’s dad) who took my son’s purple icepop? CONFESS!! (lil dude faints) (carlos’s dad) yea, he did it! lol it was funny xD

  11. Yeah lol Poor carlos and his overprotective dad. James and pamela would be a cute couple. XDD

  12. lol yea poor carlos. yea they would be a cute couple ^^

  13. this is my opinion but i don’t think logan and pamela would be a GREAT couple. ya know?

  14. lol yea. im watching a new one right now ^-^

  15. ooo i’ll watch it now! (i recorded it)

  16. oo hmm let me guess, u have dish network the newer version and put a timer on it.. right?

  17. yeah….. lol that was funny! but not one of my favorites…. i guess my favorite part was how a monkey tells if the band makes itr lol

  18. lol i knew it cause i have that too ^-^ yeah that was funny lol, it was kinda funny when logan i think it was… saying why that one girl took the rest of the band instead of him ^^

  19. james. logan couldnt care less about that girl choosing him lol

  20. yea james lol i get their names messed up ._.

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