An Interview With The Girl With The Highest Rank Out Of All Registered Blogs!

March 1, 2010 at 7:10 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Hello.As you all know,if you wanna keep traffic coming to your blog,you have to entertain your readers.You have to keep up with the media.I have asked the girl with the highest overall rank out of all registered blogs to allow me to do an interview her.She said yes.Here it is,I haven’t changed one word,Miss Lulu’s Interview answers.

The Interview With Lulu,As It Is

Dizz:How long have you owned your blog?
Lulu:Three months so far ^-^
Dizz:What do you think is the key to having a successful website?
Lulu:hmmm entertainment
Dizz:Do you enjoy blogging?
Lulu:yes i do
Dizz:Did your blog automatictly have visitors?
Lulu:hmmm yes i guess ^-^
Dizz:***** *** **** ** **** *** ******** ******** *****?

Lulu:*** * ***** **** ** ^-^

Please do not copy.




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  1. thank u thank u ^-^ (bows) (bows) (blows kisses) lol :mrgreen:

  2. Sorry LUU,but you were knocked out of first place!You wouldn’t believe who knocked u out o first place!Greenday is in first place now!Ur not even in 2nd place…ur in 3rd..Im in second!

  3. O: O: oh well ^_^ at least its not 50th or something lol

  4. oh wait no were not..? i checked the top of blogs and its seomeone else o.O

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