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February 26, 2010 at 3:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 61 Comments
Astrology – Today’s Sagittarius Horoscope
Here is your Today’s Sagittarius Horoscope
Fighting causes far more problems than it solves today, so do whatever it takes to keep yourself calm and others around you the same way. It may take some doing, but is completely worthwhile.
Lucky Color:Blue
Lucky Number:7
Lucky Time of Day:11am


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  1. HOLY CHEEZE ITS! my lucky number is 7 😀 i hope the dance goes well tonight! (im going to a father daughter dance) i dont think im too old lol im trying to make my younger sis feel bad. because she’s just going to hang out with her friends LOL
    I am evil! MWA HA HA HA!

  2. oo lol have fun and good luck, we both evil then lol ^_^

  3. okie i gotz to get ready soon. i bought a pretty dress with pretty shoes LOL

  4. lolz pretty everything ^-^

  5. yes. xDDDD

  6. lol ^__^

  7. gotta love pretty stuff lol

  8. lol yea pretty stuff r shiny and pretty and pretty and all lol

  9. like stars r pretty. prettystar LOL

  10. lol ^-^ i got hickups o_o

  11. is house arrest over yet?

  12. yea ^-^ ooh i just relized i forgot to change the status >.>


  14. lol i did change it

  15. thats a relief! my mom and bro r going to see 2012 while i’m at the dance lol

  16. 😮 😮 😮 NO FAIR!! i always wanted to whach that movie ^-^ i whached paranormal activity AND IT WAS FREAKY xD

  17. they were going to see percy jackson but i’ve been dying to see it. i’ve read the books! so i convinced them not to see it

  18. oo lol, i heard of that movie but dont really kno wat its about

  19. ooo did u get to watch big time rush last night? lol its DAC! LOL every time logan put that sign up to his face

  20. oooh i missed it yesterday so i watched it today it was F-U-N-N-Y! lol ^-^

  21. i kno their outfits were SO funny. Remember no picture is complete without a big snuggly dog LOL

  22. LOL YEA (=

  23. the camera guy suggested TWO big snuggly dogs lol
    Kendell: WAIT!

    Cameraman: NO MORE WAITING!



  25. but my favorite episode is still the big time love song. its so funny lol
    Poor gustavo, that was so funny when he hit the mailbox. and kelly is lookout llol

  26. lol yea i like the song big time love song ^-^

  27. i hope big time rush stays on air for a while….. i cant wait for next weeks lol
    They get a day off YAY! then again who knows what those four can do lol

  28. lol yea their prob gonna get in big trouble like alwayz lol

  29. apparently from the ad james is going to start his acting carreer lol

  30. lol yea then he shows his stomach?? o.O

  31. apparently those r his abbs…. rolls eyes…. wow james lol

  32. lol yea

  33. thats wat he said in the ad lol i dont really like james lol i find him self centured

  34. lol yea i kno i think he only cares about his looks >.>

  35. you know… i start to wonder how those totally different boys became friends lol

  36. lol true that

  37. i hope they show an episode of them remembering their past you know?

  38. yea it would prob be when they were lil babys coz thats what they usually do in shows

  39. yeah like in drake and josh with the foam finger? yeah i agree i bet its in kindergarden or something lol ROFL i cantotally imagine all four of them in kindergarden. james and his comb, kendell and his hair, carlos and his helmet, and logan with his brains. lol cant you?

  40. LOL yea i do i see that ^-^

  41. lol or they meet in middle school, all in detention lol

  42. lol or on a school field trip ^-^

  43. YES! like they get lost together and they end up becoming friends like james is popular, kendell is normal, carlos is inbetween, and logan as a nobody… poor logan lol

  44. lol y alwayz logan? like on the show from wayne wayne or watever his name was gonna take of big time rush and gustavo and wayne voted for them to kick out logan from the band lol

  45. LOL i forgot from the very first episode, can he not dance and sing, or he can dance and cant sing… i forgot

  46. lol yea poor logan

  47. which one is it? i keep forgetting lol

  48. i think it was the first episode….?

  49. hmm…. my bet is on logan ROFL

  50. “rolls on flaming llamas” LOL

  51. im going to list my favorite members in btr from my favorite to least.
    Logan,carlos,kendell, and then james lol

  52. lol poor james hes last lol

  53. uhm i like all of them but its just my order.. wats yours?

  54. hmmm umm, carlos,kendell,logan,james lol ^-^

  55. ROFL poor poor james lol

  56. lol yuPp

  57. that should be a quistion or poll or something! it should be list the btr from your fav to least lol

  58. lol ok i really can make one ^-^

  59. then we do an average of whoppl like the most and least lol

  60. lol ok let me try and make it ^-^

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