Woopeedoo =/

February 16, 2010 at 3:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 21 Comments

I got in a fight wit someone at school i won but i am not proud of it =/ what i did was wrong but i did not start it, well the only reason i did that was cause they were being **gs [sorry bad word teehee] and hitting one of my best friends! We true homies we roll together we die together thats what i say! Real g talk teehee. You know you would of probably done the same thing for your BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one you known SINCE KINDERGARTEN! Yea we known each other for  a long time. koko’s and my words, We are evil and we are BAD! hehe ^-^ You got to admit it but you would of done the same thingy for your best friend that you known for a very long time, that has your back, thats always been there for you, the one you can count on! Yea =/ Just to let you know i never start the fights kk? so dont worry ^-^ But you better watch out if you make me super mad and mess with my friends!!! THAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU MESS WITH ANYONE I KNOW!! THAT INCLUDES FRIENDS AND FAMILY IIGHT!?!



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  1. GO LULU GO LULU GO LULU! i dont blame you for getting in a fight with those two jerks! in fact i hope those jerks r hurt reeeal baaaad >:)

  2. ROFL!! thank u thank u (bows) ^-^ lol

  3. heh lol… i dont blame ya… GO LULU!!! heh wait did u beat up a boy er girl… some dudes got in a fight today i’ll post it its… uhhh… i cant really describe it…

  4. Ooh. I’d never gotten in a fight before, but I saw one happen at my school. Two girls were fighting…it didn’t really look like fighting though..they were just pushing each other and trying to slap each other.
    If someone makes me mad, I usually try to let it go. Or I try getting revenge. o.o

  5. misty5863: oo okie dokie ^-^ hehe thats wat everyone is saying congrats and all lol ooh and it was a he -.-
    kka2297: oo the guy i was fighting bit me and it hurt and now it purple!! grr!!! lol same here

  6. Niiiice!!!Yeah so true…stand up for ur besties!!! 😀 (Claps for lulu) 😆

  7. yea thnx ^-^ but i did get hurt coz.. HE BIT ME!!! and now its purple T-T

    • No way!!! That’s a weird dude. But at least u won!! =) I cant belive he bit u though 😮

  8. it was a boy? i wish this was the old days where boys cant hurt girls…. is that kid a vampire? O.o

  9. yea it was…. me too i wish that, lol i guess he is ^-^

  10. wat a freak lol give him this message- we r not in kindergarden anymore lol

  11. lol ok i will except its a friday and school is over for the weekend… HAHA MY BROTHERS HAVE SCHOOL ON SATURDAY!! coz they skiped a class ^-^

  12. LOL

  13. thats wat i said ^-^ but their teachers r raicist coz they keep yelling at my mom saying to take their cars away and everything, my mom is our mom she gets to parent us not them

  14. jeez awkward

  15. i kno =/

  16. that ended the conversation…. lol

  17. lol yea

  18. smiley: 😮 ikr!

  19. lol i posted it but i dunno if i should have…

  20. oo ok ill check it out =D

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