Psst hey you, i got a secret

February 8, 2010 at 5:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

New clothes are coming to Dizzywood! Some clothes already came out.

Groomfur has released some hot new designs for February available in his House of Fashion now! They are super cute and definitely must-haves for your winter wardrobe. Check out these sizzling styles to keep you looking hot even while it’s cold outside.

We’re also excited to give you a sneak peek of the gorgeous line that Groomfur is working on for Valentine’s Day. He’s heard rumors of a party being planned and wants to make sure you’re all looking fabulous!

Stay tuned for more info about Valentine’s Day fun in Dizzywood coming soon!

And i forgot to tell you a few dayz ago, team trill won 😛

Last week, Dizzywood hosted its first ever Critter Showdown. Teams supporting our new critters — trill, poppin, mossbear and catercrab — collected critter elixir throughout Dizzywood, working together in good spirited competition.

While all the teams did a super job, the Trill Team pulled out the win by rounding up the most critter elixir! Congratulations to the team, and thanks to everyone who participated. Our new critters feel very happy to be part of such a fun-loving and hard-working community!

Explorers also had the opportunity to submit their photos in the Critter Showdown Photo Contest. We received tons of fantastic submissions and put together a video of some of the top pictures for you. Also featured are our top five winners:

HappyBirdDay, Rikku511, bophop, flower_sprite and skippycrazy

You all did a great job! We’re super impressed by your creativity and love for your critters. Well done to every single explorer for showing off your critter spirit.

There are still lonely critters looking for a home. You can adopt one today from the Dizzywood Exclusives Store. Don’t wait too long — these cute little guys will only be available for a limited time. Hurry while supplies last!


And umm yea… bii



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  1. not much of a secret anymore now is it lol

  2. yea it not a secret no more o.O 😮 who told u the secret?!? lol jp

  3. i guess its still a secret… he or she just told that to over a million ppl, but its still a secret right? xDDD

  4. lol wow, yupp xD

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