Heart (Box Charm)

January 27, 2010 at 8:51 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments



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  1. du u use webcam or waht???
    cuz i cant take pics lik that

  2. no i take a normal picture from dizzywood with the “color camera” then when it downloads i click “prt scr, sysrq” then go to paint, drag in the download, then click “edit” then “paste” and move it how ever u want and everything then click save and itll save into the dizzywood download :]

    • But then how did u take the pic of the blue box tat just appears when u click somthing

      ~lulu105: i just clicked the charm then clicked “prt scr, sysrq” and did all that other stuff :]

  3. did ya see my pics

  4. my bad spelled my email rong

  5. lol, yea o.o’ wait,,, i wasnt suppose to??? o_o my bad if i wasnt supposed to… 😳

  6. Lolz i waz just asking i dunt kare if u see my pics cuz i trust u
    oh and plus on feb the 15 im gonna be the smae age as u :p
    then u wont be older than me! 😀

  7. not for long coz december 21 ill be older than u AGAIN! lol xD but thats a long way to go… o.O o well =)

  8. Haaha but ur in grade 9 rite ??
    Im in grade 8 😀

  9. mmhmm… o.O i like making that face xD o.O anyways…. but umm yea =]

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