I found this in Presto’s Edge.O.o

December 25, 2009 at 6:21 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 19 Comments

So i was just in dizzywood trying to get money. When i went inside the cannon i saw this…Looks like a carnival. Are they gonna make a carnival in Dizzywood soon? Can you find out what it is?? First person to comment gets one BIG cookie!!!!!


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  1. AWESOME. They have to make one. For everyone, not just Gold and Silver explorers.
    Yaaa cookies 😀
    I’m using a tablet and its confusing, kinda. xDDD I’m starting to get it.

  2. Lol i guess you won the cookies :mrgreen:

  3. […] PS: I just read a book called “Witch and Wizard” by James Patterson. You should read it. You know you want to… PSS: DW might be making a carnival..or something..maybe, maybe not. o.O https://lulu105.wordpress.com/2009/12/25/i-found-this-in-prestos-edge-o-o/#comments […]

  4. Yay 😀

  5. just saw u in prestos edge 😉 just got dumped….. 😥

  6. oo, awww sorry to hear that :[ but hes really missing out. Even if we barely know each other but… your sweet, pretty, and nice. wat ppl always say, theres more fish in the sea. You can find a better one. good luck n.n

  7. is that even prestos edge it looks like prestos grove

  8. im sure its prestos edge coz the close sign lol

  9. OOoohhh i see i see lolz

  10. whoa! its like winter carnival, lulu lol

  11. lol koko!! u found my website =P


  13. You can tell it could be a carnivle coz behind the garden gazbo sign it shows kinda the garden and same with wildwood glen.

  14. yep thanks to kka’s post

  15. lol =P coolio (;

  16. i saw it too.

  17. yuPp, everyone can see it =P unless their not online, lol

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