New website i found

December 24, 2009 at 6:29 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 15 Comments

This game is so adicting (forgot how to spell)Take a look at RuneScape!!



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  1. I’ve heard of it before. O.O
    I guess I’ll try it out. xP

  2. My friend’s brother wanted me to try it out so i did then it was fun 😛 but its kinda confusing…..o.o

  3. Ehh. I like it but I can’t find the place I was looking for. O.O

  4. It is kinda confusing. xP

  5. All i finished so far on it is killing the dragon thingy… o.o
    #1:talk to that one dude he’ll say stay back.
    #2:a dude in the backround will get burned by the dragon.
    #3:you take the armer
    #4:kill the coblin thingy thats taking stuff from the backpack
    #5:talk to the dude he will tell you a plan on killing the dragon
    #6:get the meat out of his backpack
    #7:get the uhh wood thingy around the backpack
    #8:put it on the wall stone to climb over once you climb over get away from the dragon
    #9:put the meat in the food bull the one on the right not the one straight up
    #10:run back and talk to the dude
    #11:the dragon will smell the meat and go tard it
    #12:get the oil and stuff out of his backpack
    #13:rip the 2 peices of paper and put oil on them
    #14:put the oiled paper around the wooded pole thingys then you have to give the dude a match thingy then you burn the other side and he’ll burn that side

    too much steps 😯 and typed to much again… 😳 and after that i forgot wat to do o.o

  6. o.o yea me too.

  7. heh.

  8. mhmm. xD
    I showed the game to my sister and now she really likes it. xP She always plays it now. o.o
    There’s this other website called Fuzz Academy. You get fuzzy animals. xD

  9. oo, i wanna play xD

  10. I’m kka0797. xP

  11. okie umm i still kinda confused on it tho o.o im lulu105 on it n.n

  12. Yeah it is kind of confusing at first. >.<
    What do you need help on? o.o
    just sent you a request..

  13. okie umm like wats the main thing about fuzz academy??

  14. lol I dunno really xDD
    A lot of people who tried it that I know don’t really like in. x.x
    Only my friend irl . o.o

  15. oo, it made my computer go slow for a sec.. o.o

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