Here are some pictures I got from their dizzywood profiles. It’s long….

I’ll add the rest of u later sorry.

Paper Mario 2 pictures :]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl pictures :]



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  2. n.n

  3. theres alot more coming soon o.o

  4. nice! i thnk might no some of those dudes

  5. thats alot o.o

  6. lol that is a lot of people. xDD
    A lot of guys wear the same hair style. o.O

  7. That’s not all of them… lol I just put the people I mostly hang out with =P, and yes they do. 😯

  8. it seems like everyone copies eachother’s haircuts. joking! aww! its me. at first i didnt see myself. which is kind of funny, because i have a different look…

  9. oo i tink its coz i didnt use the url’s with those pictures 😳

  10. all well!

  11. btw havent seen u in a while in dw =P

  12. sorry i’ve only had time to go to your wordpress. im addicted to two wii games lol. Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Rockband.
    i got brawl in 2008, but that game never gets old!

  13. u have it to?!? No way!!! we could prob play agents eachother on ssuper smash bros brawl on wifi [:

  14. sadly i dont have wifi. although i wish i did. my favorite chracters on ssbb is kirby and ice climbers. when my brother and i play adventure mode we like to act out wat their saying ’cause you know they dont talk. we made up this funny adventure that lucario is a wizard and he meets meta knight and snake. it was fun-ny

  15. Heyy I have Ssbb (super smash bros brawl) too! lol xDD
    But I dunno how to do wifi, I don’t even think it’ll work for me.
    Its funny when you pause the game right when a character hits the screen after they get knocked out. xP
    In my opinion, Kirby is the strongest character. o.O
    But my favorite characters are Sonic, Zelda, and Pit. =D

  16. you can make them talk but only on wifi :[ im better using lucario i use to be good with kirby and i just like using the moter cycle with wario :]

  17. yes kirby is the toughest. only if u know how to use the adorable puff ball! 😀 ice climbers are fun ’cause you get 2 ppl lol

    • wait how did we start talking about brawl? re-reads comments. oh yeah thats right lol
      um i dunno wat to say now em…. COOKIES 😀

  18. my header is a cookie =D

  19. Lol.
    My character would totally be last place if my brother played Kirby. Its his strongest character, but he likes playing Lucario and Link. xP And lots of other characters. o.o
    heliX likes the ice climbers. 😀
    I stink at getting the smash ball. I usually give more damage instead. xD

    yeahh cookies. :mrgreen: yom yom.

    Cheer for cookies! Wooo xDD

  20. lol everytime i try to get the smash ball my brother always kills me then he gets it o.o

  21. one time i got the smash ball with ice climbers like 10 times in one 10 minute battle. my brother was furious with me. lol, he thinks he needs to be the best at everything. ya know wat i mean?

  22. same with my brother usually when i get the smash ball my brother kills me or takes the smash ball out of me… o.o

  23. lol yesterday my brother totally lost it
    when we were doing all-star mode together, he kept dying.
    so he shouts, “oh my god! why cant i stop dying!?!” then he blames it all on me. thats completely unfair!

  24. lol yesterday my brother totally lost it
    when we were doing all-star mode together, he kept dying.
    so he shouts, “oh my god! why cant i stop dying!?!” then he blames it all on me.

  25. oo lol u posted 2 comments the same o.o i can delete one if u want lol :mrgreen:

  26. lol. xP One time my brother wanted to “take sonic” as “his” character, so he we both played sonic and he tried killing me O.O
    He won. But that was because the times I died was when I fell off or ran too far to the side. o.o

  27. lol that happens to me mostly when my brothers throw the “smart bomb” near me o.o

  28. That sounds familiar. o.o Is that the one where there’s a sticky bomb thing on you that blinks? xP
    Or is that the gooey…thing…

  29. its the one where you just throw it somewhere then it makes a huge explosion xD

  30. Ohhh. That one. xD lol when I throw it, I usually get caught in it because it gets bigger and I forget to move. o.o
    There’s a glitch that people call “The Black Hole”. Its not really like a black hole though…Its a glitch where peach throws up stuff (with her hands..) and it gets stuck Then when people go to it they get to %999. o.o Its on YouTube.

  31. oo, my brother found a glitch by using young link, you know how he uses his sward when he jumps then it makes him go down fast with his sward pointing down?? well if you go higher in the sky and do that then youll stay in the skay and go down slowly :mrgreen: its fun doing that

  32. lol I was playing toon link earlier today and it did that to me. O.O I was doing the All Boss Battles thing with my brother, and we were trying to beat them using all the characters.
    But then I died while using the Ice Climbers because the boy was holding the edge, and Nana (the girl) was falling. Its a bad special jump if the other ice climber isn’t there. -.-

  33. oo for me its hard using the ice climbers o.o my brothers did that with all of them 😛 it took them a long time.. o.o when i play with my brother and he always beats me with snake, he uses the bazooka thingy while sliding on the floor o.o

  34. lol I like the bazooka. xDD And the one that makes pretty colors O.O fireworks :mrgreen:

  35. yea it is fun except when your getting hit by them nonstop o.o :mrgreen: heh.

  36. yes i was able to sneak online on a weekday lol now im behind on the conversation lol im supposed to be doing a current event and my parents r out getting medicine sooooo ya

  37. oo medicine for wat??
    r u sick :O o.o

  38. No my younger sister is, she’s 3

  39. oo awwwwww bless her hope she feels better soon :[

  40. yesh its sad. i just got home from a school newspaper meeting. in 2 weeks im going to be getting my first pair of glasses! now isnt that dandy? no koko will not wear glasses on dw, cause im not changing meself on dw lol

  41. OMG KIRBY’S IN THE BRAWL PICTURES! 😀 (runs off with kirby)

  42. lol i need glasses too o_o and i didnt have school today =D not having school tomarrow either coz of the weather

  43. snow?

  44. mhmmm, lolz run lil kirby wit koko run like the wind xD hmm if i morph u guyz together it would be… koby xDD

  45. ROFL yes it will, we’re the perfect match. now if only i was a puffbal….

    • koby koby! i like it!its so catchy! koby koby!

  46. rofl rofl rofl u can draw yourself on a… basketball??rofl

  47. lol yea thats tuck in my head o.o heh.

  48. great idea! i wanna call myself koby for a lil while

  49. lol okie ill call u koby xD

  50. lolz koby. xD hi koby 😀

  51. lol koby i like how it sounds koby koby koby xDDDDD

  52. i put koby in parenthises on my name lol

  53. lol i like how it sounds koby koby koby koby!! xD

  54. for my dads birthday we’re going to a japenese place called koby’s lol. if we put lulu and kirby together we get kuku lol

  55. lol soumds catchy xD kuku kuku kuku kuku xDD

  56. lol. Kuku. xD It reminds me of Coco Puffs. o.O Cookoo for coco puffs. I keep accidently typing “puggs” instead of puffs. ._.

  57. yeah ikr? im kuku for koko puffs! … ROFL

    • lol im still laighing!! i never meant to make that joke until i re-read it

  58. lol i likey how it sounds xD kuku kinda looks like koko o.O except with a u xD

  59. yeah i know im STILL laughing. im right now drinkin hot koko! LOL

  60. lol rofl okie okie we gotta stop laughing… o.o LOL!!! okie i done 😀

  61. no more koko jokes k. lol

    • but kirby is my all time favorite person, just to get bak on subject

  62. okie.. okie.. okie.. (tries not to) o.o xD

  63. KUKU for KOKO puffs!!!!!!!!! xDDDDDD


  65. okay okay! i gtg offline for now, its like 7:30 pm for moi and im gonna miss a tv show so tata!

    -KOBY!(kirby and koko)

  66. lol ok ttyl

  67. talk 2 u tomorrow!

  68. okie 😀

  69. omg is toad blushing in that picture? thats cute! but not cuter then kirby!

  70. lol kirby is cuter 😛

  71. thats a no brainer! i like watching kirby right back at ya sometimes. just to hear kirby’s poyo. lol

  72. lol i like his lil star thingy 😀


  74. lol yea that 😀

  75. yay! i got the 78 comment! YES!

  76. lol and i got 79 😛

  77. oh yeah well i got 80!..dances… jk

  78. o yea well i got 81!

  79. oh its ooooon! 82!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. lol, its always been on!! 83!!!

  81. 84! stands for um 84 cookies!

  82. 85 85 85 85 BOOYA!!


  84. lol EIGHTY-SEVEN, 87, ochenta y siete, osmdesát sedm, BOOYA!! in different languages


    KIRBY: ATEY ATE! (EATS COOKIES and burps cutely)

  86. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol EIGHTY-NINE, 89,osmdesát osm, ochenta y ocho, BOOYA!!

  87. NINETY!!!!!!!!!

    Kirby: ine tee?

    Em, close enough! lol

  88. lol rofl, ninety-one, noventa y uno, devadesát jedna,ninety-isa, 91

  89. lol I dunno what you’re doing but it sounds funny. xD

  90. lol we were doing the number of comment we got…. 93!!! NINETY-THREE 😀 still going 😀

  91. nintey fiiiive! the awesomest number of numbers

  92. lol ninety six!! the biggest number so far 😀 rofl

  93. noooooo 97 as in 97%

  94. nope nope 98 😀

  95. ROFL my brother and sister r singing along to the beatles lol ooo 99!


  97. 101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  98. 102 YAYA wait.. i getting even numbers and u getting odd numbers o.o o well 102!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. DUh duh duuuuh!

  100. lol i tires i give i giver game over man lol

  101. that game is over lol

  102. lol mmhmm starting.. NOW.. no now… OKIE NOW!!

  103. 108

  104. :O nuh huh nuh huh u got 107 108 is my number lol

  105. i just gotz me glasses today lol and now everything looks much clearer and weirder lol

  106. lol wearing glasses feels weird.. o.o but u get use to it later…. i think o_o lol

  107. ROFL yeah try wearing them sometime lol

  108. lol i have and i could see clearly.. o.o but they werent mine O_O then i got dizzy and gave them back 😛

  109. ROFL thats funny! im not wearing them right now because im at a close distance… (i cant see far distances)

  110. same here xD

  111. hey theres something that we r alike with lol

  112. lol yuPp yuPp xD

  113. Kirby: Poyo! (grabs glassses and puts on) Poyo? Translation: OOOO! Wat the?

    Koby: lol Kirby can u see?

    Kirby: poyo….

    Translation: no

  114. lol kirby gonna feel dizzy o.o

  115. yea he is!

    Kirby: (walks around dizzily)

  116. lol silly kirby xD

  117. yeash silly u

    kirby: poyo?
    Translation: huh?

  118. lol :O kirby didnt say hi to me lol *hmph* not talkin to u kirby >.<

    kirby: HIIIIII!


  120. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol hi hi xD lol

  121. yo lulu thnx 4 puttin me up der… like i said on mi website ur one of da bestest best friends ever 😀
    hehe email me
    oh yeah and doggylover4ever [my sister] said thnx
    oh yea and u forgot to put ilovemydog4ever [or did u]
    ur bff,
    puppylover4ever :DDD

  122. oooooooo im in like so many of the pictures thnx
    oh yeah and i found ilovemydog4ever so nvm lol

  123. i put everyone i mostly hang out wit in there 😀

  124. Ahhaahhaa ha thats a lotta frends + ur pretty in rewl lif

  125. lol yea thats a lotta ppl o.O thank u :], u look pretty in real lyf 2 xD

  126. O-o i iz not here O-o
    btw hi luluz 🙂

  127. hii!!, yea i know coz when i typed your name it wasnt there =(

  128. ok ok ok ok i got it, i put u by prettystar =)

  129. Luv da pics!! Oh and my fave pic is me and u 😆 oh…and lots of twin pics!! 😀

  130. i like all of them that idk witch one i like most hehe. mhmm coz they wanted to be twins with them lol ^-^

    • lolz =) well they r sweeeeeet pics!!! 😀 u have a awsum bloggie!! i am so jealous of ur bloggie!!! 😮 jkjk 😀

  131. lol, i like yurs ^-^

  132. lulu me know u i was in kittens house and u were there 4 da bumba club XD

  133. 😮 😮 😮 lol yea i remember that ^-^ but idk wat happened to the bumba crew =/ but hii ^-^

  134. Hi piplviagra

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    I will post more later this period to tell you more about what I have been going through.

    Anwyas thanks for the good work keep it up!

  136. wow really?? idk wat i would do if that happened to me ._. and i saw u posted that 2 times xD sorry it was in spam.. tho idk y………………………… but hope u feel better, and thnx ^^

  137. .-. sowwy but i keep gettin hakk so imma b on my other acc emo_gurl_1111 =^_^= ill b on btwisty o.-

  138. oh ok

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