Hey Guys it’s been a while

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You may or may not remember me probably because it’s been what 4 years? I remember the day I joined this blog, it was my first time interacting with people my age at the time. I guess this blog is dead and long gone. If anyone’s still there, how are you? I guess we’ve all grown up. The memories are still strong. Oh dizzywood how you made friendships through wordpress blogs and youtube videos ❤


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Hey, its me, misty :) i havnt been on for 4ever cuz of vacations nd school (when there is school of course >w<)
But anyways, im probably not gonna get on my blog anymore so my blog is... history. I do hav a new gaia account tho :D
I get on whenevr i can my user ish: AmyLufsYew

Add meh nd we can chat! (but tell me who your if your user is diff. from ur wordpress one bcuz i dont normally accept random friend requests) :D

Ok, thats basically all i have to say... so byeee! and cyu on Gaia :)


*EDIT* i probably will come on evry so often

Hey I know you might have forgoten me…..

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But since dizzywood closed down they transferred dizzies to SECRETBUILDERS

Anyways I made a new blog http://secretbuildersguide.blogspot.com/

Here’s my new account it says that CANONS contains a bad word so I changed it I know it looks nothing like my name.

Anyways you can meet me in Quark, Canvas or Octave

PLEase visit my blog………  


Would you be good friends with me in real life Quiz?

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You had big plans with your friends but they got cancled, what do you do?
A. Completley IGNORE them for the next month. (some of my friends actually do this!:()
B. You ask them why, but forget about it after a while.
C. You get upset but you tell them, “It’s okay, but DON’T ever do it again!”
D. You tell them your super dissapointed and tell them you really wish they could come, and tell them that you hope that they can hang out with you some other time.
E. B, C, D are all things that I might do!
What would you do if you were going to die tomorrow?
A. Spend all my time with family and friends, to tell them goodbye.
B. Travel the world.
D. Be depressed and feel bad for yourself all day.
What are you and your best friend like?
A. CRAZZZY! We PARTY with eachother 24/7!
B. We are TIGHT. We are like sisters God forgot to give us!
C. We don’t have that much in common, but even though we have our differences we still love eachother.
D. I don’t like people. I only talk to virtual people on virtual sites.
What sport do you like the most out of this list?
A. soccer
B. basketball
C. football
D. track (running)
E. shopping! (It has weightlifting and running in it!)
F. baseball
G. martial arts
H. I HATE sports, they can go DIE!
Whats your favorite color?
A. Purple
B. Blue
C. Green
D. Orange
E. Pink
F. Yellow
G. Red
I. White
J. I change my favorite color everyday!
Do you like this quiz so far?
A. Yeah, it rocks!
B. Yes, its pretty cool.
C. Its okay
D. No way, what’s the point of this quiz anyways?
What would you do if a rumor spread about you?
A. Get your best friend to stand up for you.
B. Crawl in a hole:(
C. Stand up for yourself and tell them that it isnt true
Mmk, comment all your answers to the questions. And I will tell you if you would be a good friend for me. Please comment:-)

Monthly Collectibles

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Hooray! It’s the 15th! Time to open my letters! I wonder what I’ll get?

1. Nutcracker Prince, Masquerade, Jinx Doll, Secret Retreat; 2. Muramasa

This month’s MCs bring tricksters in two mythic forms: the mischievous fox spirit and the demonic seductress!

The Nogitsune is the nine-tailed nuisance of Eastern lore, known for its devilish tricks and flamboyant style. Get into the kitsune spirit with brilliant red tails, a fox mask, regal robe, kimono and more.

Beware the seductive power of the Ascended Demon. With white horns, tail, wings, whip and fitted body belts, this succubus is hard to resist.

These items are available this month only, so don’t miss out!


zOMG Buddy :D

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Nicolae here with two new additions to zOMG!– Buddies and the Buccaneer Boardwalk.

Buddies will keep you company on your zOMG! adventures, loyally following you everywhere and sharing your emotions. (Try not to die, it makes your buddy very sad). These little guys will stick with you for life, but my supplies are limited– be sure to grab these in the next two weeks. I’ll be glad to give you all your very own Buddy.

Buccaneer Boardwalk is a new area to hang with your zOMG! friends away from the hurly-burly of the battlefield. You’ll be able to hang out in a tropical seaside paradise complete with palm trees, ferris wheel and pirate ship. To get in, you’ll need a headstart ticket, but don’t worry, I have enough for everyone!

So come on over and support your local vardo. My prices are so low I’m practically losing money!


Evolving Items

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Look sharp, Gaians! This week’s evolutions take us face to face with the marvels– and perils– of the untamed forest. Special Operations Force Taiga continues its tactical maneuvers and Antique Shop dusts off a marvel of natural history.

SOF Taiga sends you on a reconnaissance mission to find out the enemy’s position. It looks like they’re stronger than expected– you should radio for back-up. Or maybe you can sneak into their armory and steal some more gear to fight your way out…

A visit to DrinkyTengu’s corner of the Antique Shop turns up the relics of a scientific expedition’s journey into the jungle. You find some snazzy adventure gear and the mission’s chief prize: the skeleton of a prehistoric giant sloth, handsomely mounted in this life-like post by the expedition’s museum sponsors.

Whatever adventure you’re gearing up for, the Cash Shop will set you up in style. And please stop by our weekly EI poll to let us know which evolutions are your favorites!

Thanks for watching, science fans, and have a great weekend!


Lost Chapter

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While searching for an obscure tome of forbidden tax code incantations, I knew I’d have to bury my fear and visit the Dimensional Library, Gaia’s most complete– and dangerous– repository of knowledge. Each book therein is a gateway to another dimension, and it’s far too easy to get stuck forever inside one.

The Librarian is a masterful caretaker of the stacks, but he’s got a short fuse when it comes to visitors– if you whisper one word out of line, he’ll shove you into the pages of one of his books. I narrowly avoided that fate myself, but many noisy visitors have been lost forever inside strange fictions.

If you pay the Librarian a visit, don’t be surprised if you find yourself hurled into a strange new existence. When you’re stuck in a book, you must find the legendary Lost Chapter to escape– no matter how deep you delve, you’ll always emerge from the dusty pages with an amazing reward, like a Cash Shop favorite, a valuable rarity or one of these amazing new items:

Think you’re ready to find the Lost Chapter and bring back some incredible prizes? Try if you dare, or save some Cash by buying a bundle, which gives you more exciting trips to the Dimensional Library.


Evolving Items

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Happy Friday, Gaians! As always, we’ve got some exciting news in the world of Evolving Items– our little friend Timmy is continuing his journey into oblivion, and we’re introducing a brand new Rapid EI to the mix! Let’s take a look:

This week, Timmy’s experimentation with Gro-Gain didn’t just affect him– Labtech Gene also saw the horrible hirsute effects, growing a mustache that would eventually engulf him entirely.

Welcome to SOF Taiga, soldier! As a member of Special Operation Force, you’ll need to be in peak physical condition and well trained in secret black ops technology. Your mission will send you deep into the woodlands, behind enemy lines with no help in sight. Are you ready to deploy?

You can pick up these great EIs and many more in the Gaia Cash Shop! And don’t forget to stop by our weekly poll to let us know which items you like best. Bye for now, friends!


Superprize 2010 [[late]]

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The end of the year is fast approaching, and you know what that means: the beginning of the 2010 tax filing season on January 1! Eeeek! So excited! To make room for this year’s tax filings, I’ve been clearing out all of the Chance Items from the last year. I don’t really have time to sort through them, so I’ve bundled them all together in the Super Prize 2010– open one of these and you could get any CI from Snow Apple to Neon Core!

One more thing: there used to be a cat around here– Cookie Boots, I called him– but in all the packing mayhem, he’s disappeared. If he shows up in your Super Prize, please give him a good home. I’ve also misplaced an SDPlus doll of a devilish version of myself– a gag gift from that rascal Azrael– and two sets from popular CIs that were delivered with the wrong colors. I meant to return them, but forget, so I guess some of you will find those recolors in the Super Prize 2010.

If you want another shot at any of 2010’s great CIs, pick up one of my 2010 Super Prizes today– I really need the room and will only be offering them until January 5.


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